Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Girl

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cute little girl holding a string with fish in it

Happy 6th Birthday to my beautiful girl, my littlest love, my last baby. What a year this has been for you, full of so many firsts and accomplishments for such a little girl. Going to Grade One and being away from home all day, surprising your mama with how well you adapted, how much you love your school and the zest with which you tackled that new adventure.

Thank you for always reminding me of the fun in life. For doing all sorts of weird things for reasons that are only apparent to you, but entertaining and joyful for us. Things like climbing onto the fireplace mantle and pretending you’re a gymnast.  I still laugh when I see this picture. Only you, my girlie, would think of things like this for entertainment. Your skill of thinking outside the box and going places that no one else thinks of going is such an asset to you in this life.

little girl on top of the fireplace near the wall painting

I love that you are such a perfect little sister, bugging your brother to the point of supreme irritation yet always thinking he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. That’s exactly your job as little sister and you’re doing it wonderfully.

close up of older brother and younger sister

I love that you are always my partner in crime. Pick Saskatoons? You’re the first to chime in and climb into the van to go.  Go mushroom hunting with a side of geocaching thrown in? You have your backpack and mushroom pail ready before anyone else.

little girl wearing red jacket, holding a pale for saskatoon picking

I miss having my girlie at home with me during the day,  your little apron hangs beside mine and makes me miss you when I don my own to bake you and your brother some muffins. I am cheered knowing how much fun you are having at school with your friends and fervently hope your specialness is appreciated and loved like it is at home. No matter what, we think you are the awesomest thing since your brother came along.

little girl with a stuff toy on her head and face

I love the way you sing everything, like the song in your heart is always so large that it has to burst forth no matter what you are doing. The best moments of my day are when I find you singing a song and get the chance to listen to you, just around the corner where you can’t see me.

Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life, so much fun and of course love beyond measure. You are the most special girl that I have ever come across and not just because you’re mine. I feel blessed daily that I get to be your mama.

Love you forever, my little girl.


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  1. Wilf AKA Papa says

    What a wonderful grand daughter!
    Every time I look at you and the way you are, I see little bits of all of us in all of you.

  2. Karlynn says

    AW thanks Nikki! Sorry I made you cry, it usually takes the drop of a hat to make me tear up as well! Especially when it comes to my kids. I am sure you will write something beautiful for your girl!

  3. Nikki says

    This made me cry. I hope I can write something as wonderful to my daughter (14 months) on her next birthday. You have a beautiful little girl and she’s lucky to have a mom like you!

  4. Mike Johnston says

    I’ll have to fight back the tears to write this:


    You are an amazing little girl. Nothing makes me smile more than when you run for a big squish when I come home from work (or anywhere for that matter). I love that snuggling with Mommy or I (or both!) is still one of your favourite things and I hope it continues to be that way for some time to come.

    Like your mom said, I love listening to you sing in the bath or whenever you are playing.. you create the most amazing songs and you have a wonderful voice and imagination.

    I love that goofy smile you give us where you squinch up your face and shake your little fists. Your imagination is amazing and you are very good at pretending to be a cat. I love your obsession with animals and can’t wait to get you a puppy at some point.

    You are a beautiful little soul with a fiery little temper and I love you to bits baby girl.


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