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 Jalapeno Grilled Cheese RollupsHave I ever told you guys the story about how I craved jalapenos when I was pregnant with my son? Man, I could not get enough of them. The problem was – and still is – that I find them too spicy, too hot for my liking, yet in my opinion the flavour of jalapeno cannot be beat!

I solved that problem 14 years ago by dipping the jalapenos in sour cream to cool them down when I was craving them. I honestly can’t believe that I just typed the words “fourteen years” regarding any aspect of my children, but there it is. Fourteen years ago, I was eating jalapenos dipped in sour cream like a mad woman.

Since that time, I’ve had to learn a little bit, nay, I’ve had to learn a LOT about getting my kids to eat. Those of you that are long time readers of The Kitchen Magpie will know about my trials and tribulations getting my son to eat meat and getting my daughter to eat, well, almost anything actually. I have two selective eaters and mealtimes can be a challenge.

You might be thinking to yourself right now “ Karlynn, you’re crazy!! What kid is going to eat jalapenos in their grilled cheese?”


Two things:

My son loves spicy food. That kid has been wolfing down curries since he was 18 months old and hasn’t stopped. It’s actually always been eating meat that he has a problem with.

The best part about this recipe is that if you remove the jalapenos…. you have plain grilled cheese roll-ups! Which are perfect my for daughter, the really selective eater.

Recipes that can easily be adapted to each person’s needs in the family are the WIN!

 Jalapeno Grilled Cheese Rollups

I’ve partnered with Dempster’s to try out their newest bread flavour, Honey Wheat. I have three delicious new recipes coming your way using this bread over the next few weeks!

Honey is probably one of the trendiest foods for the past few years, but I actually don’t like using that word. Honey is, and will always be, a staple in my pantry and so will foods using honey in them. I was excited to give the Dempster’s Honey Wheat bread a whirl!


These are really the easiest things to make. You simply remove the crusts from the bread, roll it out as flat as you can get it, place the cheese slice and jalapeno’s on top then roll up into a log. Pinch the bread together on the seam as much as you can, then fry it up in butter in a frying pan!

 Jalapeno Grilled Cheese Rollups

The real key is getting a soft bread, and the Dempster’s Honey Wheat worked like a charm. You need to be able to pinch the seam together and you need a nice, soft bread to do so.

So who has made grilled cheese rollups before? I know that they can be a little bit fiddly, but they are SO much fun to dip into soup, or just eat on their own.

The real trick is to pinch the seam and then to make sure that you fry them seam side down to start, to try and seal up the seam. The best part is that they are going to get all melty and gooey with cheese anyway, so you aren’t looking for perfection in these, you are just looking for deliciousness!

Happy cooking babes!



This post was sponsored by Dempster’s. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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Jalapeno Grilled Cheese Rollups
Prep Time
4 hrs 37 mins
Cook Time
4 hrs 37 mins
Author: Karlynn Johnston
  • 4-6 slices Dempster's Honey Wheat Bread
  • 4-6 slices cheese
  • 1 tbsp canned jalapeno's
  • 2-3 tbsp butter
  1. Remove crusts from bread slices & using a rolling pin, roll them flat.
  2. Place a cheese slice on top of each piece of bread.
  3. Sprinkle with desired amount of jalapeno’s.
  4. Roll up the bread tightly, pinching the seam together.
  5. Fry in a hot skillet with butter, seam side down first to seal.
  6. Fry all sides until golden brown, remove and serve.
Nutrition Facts
Jalapeno Grilled Cheese Rollups
Amount Per Serving (4 g)
Calories 0
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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  1. Fred Farmer Reply

    I defy you to use the brick cheese slices shown in the photo for your roll-ups. Can’t be done. Perhaps you mean very thinly sliced cheese or processed individually wrapped cheese slices. Otherwise, nice idea, great with Tomato Soup!

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