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beautiful view of sunset in the sea

I keep meaning to link to this blog, about this brat woman and her family sailing the east coast of Australia.

Look, I call ’em as I see ’em. A spade is a spade.

And I knew her back in high school so I can call her names if I wanna.

And so can you, I mean LOOK at that picture above!

Then look out your window if you live in Alberta.

Look back at the picture above.

Fuzzy feelings much?

Nope. Didn’t think so.

So via the wonder that the internet be, I am able to enjoy watching her sailing along and look at the beautiful pictures that go along with it. I keep telling her MORE PICS, but she doesn’t listen that well.

I laugh over her trying to wean her daughter on the water because her daughter is as obsessed with the boob as mine was as you can read.

Ever is loosing her mind-trying to get at me, screaming her head off (this is getting normal, so we can ignore it).
And during this time, a wonderful gentleman was tendering by, watching us struggle, hearing Michel calling out instructions, me ready to say SCREW THIS, Ever saying ‘Screw this, I want boobie now, and my mumma over here stat’, myself, about to fall out, unable to reach and grab that silly pilly hook, covered in sea crap, loosing grasp on the rope, and careening for the big bad pole.
What does this lovely fellow yachtie do?
“Welcome to Bowen – heh heh heh”. And motors off. Chuckling to himself.

Welcome this fat man.
Welcome this.

Really, I was cheered up imagining a screaming toddler wanting the boob, trying to help your husband moor the boat and the old guy laughing. And the look on Lori’s face.

But Lori, what is sea crap?

Anyways, go have a read if it interests you. I am finding I am learning all sorts of nautical talk and the pictures are beautiful.

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  1. Lori says

    Serious, SEA CRAP is a heavy mixture found or ropes / chain / anything in the ocean – mostly marinas.
    It is a thick, slimey film made of poop.
    Fish poop, people poop (remember you are in a marina), cat, dog, bird poop, garbage, old food, barfed out food, new food, and a splash of pee.

    So my face was contorted in disgust, fury and really, I wanted to scream MUMMA, BOOBIE. Now I know where she gets it from!

    Kisses and where the hell is my care package?
    I need more sunscreen, its so HOT here, and its almost winter.
    But on a high note, it cost 6.99 for a 150g punnet of blueberries, we cant get blackberries here, raspberries start at 5$ for a 150g punnet, and Ive seen cucumbers cost me 4.48 EACH!

    A little good (a lot) is found everywhere.

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