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Edmonton’s Newcastle Sobeys & Your Chance to Win one of (2) $50 Sobey’s Gift Cards!

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When I received the invitation to come and visit the newest Sobeys in Edmonton and write about it on my blog, I said yes fairly quickly. Of course, there is always something in it for you, my readers, and I am always on the lookout for fabulous ways to thank you all for being so loyal and reading my blog even though I’m obviously crazy.

Yesterday morning saw me waking up the kids at 6:30 and getting out the door so we could check out the new Sobeys at 16943- 127 Street N.W here in Edmonton, Alberta. Good thing for the Henday, ’cause this chickie lives in Summerside!

The kids of course, were so excited. Oh, they are so easy to please! All I needed to whisper was “you can have your IPods while I take pictures” and they were in like Flynn.


The shining star of the new Sobey’s is The Kitchen. As soon as you walk in the door you are presented with an amazing area where you can get a full lunch or dinner.

And we are talking delicious here, folks. Everyone knows that Mike and I are huge travellers and we get really tired of eating out all the time, believe it or not .When we travel we look for grocery stores that have these types of food areas in them.

I am always looking for places with a huge ready-to-eat section full of real food, not just roasted chickens.


There is nothing I like more than being able to pop into a grocery store and be able to grab a hot meal with some amazing salads at the end of the day. Yes, I cook at home a lot but I am only human and we are so incredibly busy lately that I don’t always have time to cook. I also don’t like fast food, pizza is tiresome and I’m so over take out of almost any type.

Dudes, those are totally turkey legs in the background!


These are the types of meals I like to pick up when we are busy.I look forward to this type of store in south Edmonton, as I would love to have this as an option when I don’t have time to cook.


The produce section is huge and gorgeous, stuffed with everything one could possibly need and a large selection of organic produce as well.

I really wanted to take a pepper out of that swirly design. It just about killed me not to. Who’s with me? Don’t you just want to take one and see what happens?


On to cheese!

This section is also absolutely gorgeous and huge. Cheese, olives, you name it, it’s here and it’s delicious! We had samples when the store yummy!


The deli is delightful. Every type of meat you could imagine is available and the marinated roast beef that we tried was seriously amazing.


So as an obsessed baker I can almost always walk past the bakery section in stores. Since this is my specialty and passion, rarely do I ever purchase dessert at a grocery store or even give it a second glance. Usually to be honest, I crinkle up my nose at the offerings and think meh, I can make that at home,

Not with this bakery.

The kids and I stood there drooling for quite a while.


There are tons of beautiful offerings from tarts, to cakes to cupcakes.

Just gorgeous!


Totally off topic.


Say whaaa? Has anyone tried this yet?? OMG. It looks amazing!


The rest of the store is large and in charge but I loved that there are areas of dishes and assorted entertaining gadgets scattered throughout the store.

I covet that small cake platter. I’m definitely a photo props addict.


So if you live in the area, I would most certainly encourage you to check out the new Sobeys at 16943- 127 Street N.W here in Edmonton, Alberta.! Heck, The Kitchen area is worth a drive to see everything that’s in there!

Sobeys is generously giving you all a chance to win one of (2) $50 giftcards! Woot! I love giveaways! Enter below for your chance to win!



Disclosure: While I was compensated for writing this post, all opinions are of course,my own.

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  1. MichelleTremblett says

    Shared the “cowboy beef on a bun” and it looks amazingggggg, cant wait to try it 🙂

  2. MichelleTremblett says

    I would buy things for a special bbq with my family 🙂

  3. MillerKrazy says

    Wow that new Sobey’s is the most gorgeous store ever!!  I would buy a LOT of tarts & woud also stare longingly at that dreamy bakery display!! 🙂

  4. sbabij says

    I LOVE their new ‘take out’ section with grilled veggies – I would be using some of the money towards that

  5. anchantra says

    Signed up for your newsletter! ( 

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