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Woman in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery

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Last Thursday I went on my second cemetery tour, this one being Mount Pleasant. Like the other one I went on, it's old, beautiful and interesting in that “where's Buffy staking the vamps now?”  kind of way.

Ok ok, Buffy aside-but really, look at all the time she spent in graveyards- what these really are local history tours.

The people that the history concerns just happen to be 6 feet under your sneakers.

I get more than a few people telling me I am creepy for going on these and I suppose there is a level of the macabre that is present.

Really, it is a history lesson. The people who built Edmonton, their stories and the parts they played are all in our local cemeteries.

And at least I am not the only creepy one, I had company.

Woman in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery

I suppose maybe the fact that Melissa and I work together might explain why we are wired differently that most people.

Those “most people” being the slightly more mainstream ones who won't be traipsing around cemeteries learning local history.

close up of woman in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Bidwell A. Holgate was famous for developing the Highlands neighborhood during Edmonton's first real estate boom. His company Magrath and Holgate built many landmark houses in the area that still exist today, like the Davidson Residence, the Morehouse Resdience, the Chown Residence, and the Magrath and Holgate mansions.

That, my friends, is one lovely area to go looking at houses in. The Magrath mansion is gorgeous.

This gravestone actually faces Highlands perfectly,and its set on a weird angle compared to the rest of the graves, it's thought that it was done on purpose.

gravestone set on a weird angle

This was my favorite, he shot his wife. Can we say guilty husband? Who has to reiterate that it was “an very regrettable accident” for all eternity on a gravestone unless you are surely guilty of the crime?

gravestone of Fercuson

The Rutherfords are famous in Edmonton, not only was he a premier but you can also visit their house and have a lovely tea. Which is next on Melissa and my agenda.

Mention scones in any sentence, combine that with tea and you will find me there.

Anyone interested in attending with us, most likely the afternoon tea, drop me an email! I will have to book a Sunday in advance for us.

gravestone of Rutherfords

Now sometimes I get a lot of visitors on this site who visit cemeteries on a far more frequent basis than I do, so I pose the question of what symbolism this has? The tour guide said it's uncommon but there were a few diamonds in the cemetery.

diamond in the cemetery

A stone commemorating the victims of the Walter's Mine disaster.

Walter's Mine disaster gravestone

And a very unique headstone celebrating a certain woman's life, she drove for ETS and must have loved it, that's an ETS bus on her headstone!

an ETS bus on her headstone

And I'll leave you on this note, when asked who we thought this person was famous for, Melissa leans over and says to me in a low voice:

“Ice cream?”

close up of white gravestone

Sadly this Chapman was not the ice cream mogul, but Melissa, I like your style.

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  1. Ruth Enns says

    Looking for grave of John McWHINNIE died 11/06/1962 Sction OH Block 0031 Plot 0024.
    Was he botn ON & the son. of Henry mcWHINNIE & ?Sarah Dunlop McWHINNIE?

    If so, he belongs to my family. Please respond ASAP, as i have been looking for YEARS for him”T


  2. Steve Heimerle says

    I like cemeteries, too. They are like villages. Three of my relatives are buried in Mt. Pleasant, and I hope to visit their graves one day.  Husband, wife, daughter – died 1959, 1981, 1999. The husband lived to be 98 and immigrated from Russian Poland in 1914. The wife and 2 daughters were stuck in Germany during WW1. One daughter died but the other two immigrated in 1922 and they all lived on a Spruce Grove farm with no running water or electricity until the 1950s. Such stories.  Steve in San Francisco

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