Lemon Strawberry Shortcake is perfect for your Easter brunch. I realized while making this recipe that it is a perfect “build it yourself” dessert, which means that you, the host, have only a few things to do to get this dessert ready.

Bake up your Lemon Tea scones that day. Or the night before. These weren’t going to be a separate recipe, but they are in fact the shortcake component of my lemon Strawberry Shortcake. Real shortcake is actually a scone or biscuit, not a cake. So of course, why would I make a cake instead of my favorite food of all? So off I went to create a scone/biscuit for my shortcake. And they are so good by themselves, they had to be a separate recipe.

Slice up a bunch of fresh strawberries.


Make your Lemon Whipped Cream.

If you have company, set it out like this:

Everyone can take a sliced scone, layer on the whipped cream and strawberries and chose to eat it with or without a top.

It nicely involves your guests in preparing their own dessert, they can chose the amount of all ingredients and the preparation time is minimal for you the actual day of. Easter is all about family, visiting and eating chocolate friends, so a dessert that doesn't take you away from the last three is perfect.





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  1. Melanie Harmsma Reply

    Totally agree. Scones not cake. It’s one of out top birthday dessert requests.

  2. Eileen Bulger Reply

    Not just you. My whole family knows the correct way. Extra special when the strawberries are warm from the garden.

  3. Charlynn Cox Reply

    My family always used biscuits as the base for strawberry shortcake-use sour cream instead of whipped though. Blech, but they have always been sour cream obsessed,

  4. When bought in supermarkets in the UK (under several brands, including own label, all remarkably similar), Garibaldi biscuits usually come in four strips of five biscuits each. They have a golden brown, glazed exterior appearance and a moderately sweet pastry, but their defining characteristic is the layer of squashed fruit which gives rise to the colloquial names fly sandwiches, fly cemeteries, dead fly biscuits or squashed fly biscuits, because the squashed fruit resemble squashed flies.

  5. sell your damaged cars Reply

    Yeast cakes are the oldest and are very similar to yeast breads. Such cakes are often very traditional in form, and include such pastries as babka and stollen.

  6. Merium Crook-vander Ros Reply

    Thanks! The recipe sounds amazing~I have everything ready for it!

  7. The Kitchen Magpie Reply

    Take your whipping cream and start whipping it in your mixer. Add in the sugar, zest and lastly the lemon juice. Whip until it forms soft peaks.

    If you want you can refrigerate it for 2-3 hours before serving. This is amazing on fresh strawberries, scones, anything you can pair with whipped cream!

  8. The Kitchen Magpie Reply

    Merium: 1 cup of whipping cream
    2 tbsp white sugar
    1 tbsp lemon zest
    2 tsp lemon juice

  9. Merium Crook-vander Ros Reply

    the link for Lemon whipped cream doesn’t work~:(

  10. Mmmm! These look so yummy. i love lemon and strawberry together and strawberry-anything is my weakness. I bought about three pounds of gorgeous strawberries today and you can bet a good portion of them will be going towards these! Thanks for the recipe!

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