District Donuts Sliders Brew, New Orleans

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hanging district donut signage

I have tasted donuts unlike no other and there’s no going back now, folks.

Earlier on Facebook I asked you what you wanted me to write about, because sometimes the sheer volume of my photo folders overwhelms me. I made a vow to myself that this time I was going to get ALL my travel writing done before I take another trip, because there is nothing worse than wanting to write about your new trip, only to realize you have three folders of photos still to edit from your last trip!

So for the next few weeks I am really going to try and bang out all my travel posts. I have so many things to share and write about that it’s hard to know where to start.

Well, you all told me this morning. New Orleans food!

Brown Butter Pistachio Donut

So here’s the thing: we don’t have good donuts in Edmonton, it’s a sad, sad fact of life. Well, here we actually spell them doughnuts, but because I’m lazy it’s going to be donuts today in honor of my American readers.

Really though, there are some places that have nice donuts in Edmonton,  but I really wish someone would get into some serious donut making here in Edmonton.

Like District Donuts Sliders Brew in New Orleans, Louisiana. These are serious, gourmet, mind-blowing donuts here folks. You Americans take your donuts seriously. God Bless you for that.

If you are in New Orleans, you seriously have to check this place out for breakfast. While the reviews for their sliders are on the fence, I knew that I wasn’t going here for something I could get at home.

the inside of District Donuts Sliders Brew

We were going for donuts!

And oh my word…were there donuts! The flavors, of course, do not remain the same, so you won’t of course have all these same options when you go there. (And you need to go there.)

donuts display with different flavor

My children ordered the Chocolate Blackout and the Boston Cream.

Chocolate Blackout and Boston Cream Donuts

I love how my kids can’t eat donuts without getting chocolate on their noses. So freaking cute. The Boston Cream was a great donut, as far as a Boston Cream goes. If you like a good Boston Cream, this is it.

young girl holding her Boston cream donut

My son – oh, how like your mother you are, my boy!- went for the Chocolate Blackout.

young boy having a bite of his chocolate blackout donut

Dudes. Take a gander at this baby. Holy Mother of All That’s Chocolate. Needless to say, he was thrilled.

Half of Chocolate Blackout showing the inside of the donut

I chose the Brown Butter Pistachio donut, which was seriously the best donut I have ever eaten. The donut was a gorgeous yeasty creation that almost melts in your mouth with a lovely brown sugar glaze and toasted pistachios on top.

I would seriously trade one of my children for this donut right now. Why is it that when you are sick with a cold you crave carbs? Or is it just me?

Brown Butter Pistachio Donut with brown sugar glaze and toasted pistachios on top

And then this happened.

Dudes. There was a Monte Cristo donut!!!

Those of you who know me know I am in love with Disneyland’s Monte Cristo Sandwich. It’s the ultimate treat for me and I get one for the family to share every time we are in Disneyland.

So when I saw this baby on the list, I knew that we had to try it.

Monte Cristo Donut

While it was good, they completely overcooked the donut, which made me sad. You can see the heavy burned griddle marks, which added a burnt flavor to it. Bah. The bites aroudn the edges that were non-burnt were amazing, but it was a let down. Burnt food shouldn’t ever be served, and seeing how it was served at the very end (it took more than ten minutes for some reason) I had three kids and two other adults who were totally done eating at that point. No new sandwich for me. We nibbled around the edge and then threw it out, sadly. It has promise and I would order it again, making sure that it wasn’t burnt.

All in all, this is a great place to head for breakfast and I loved that it was so kid friendly! A+ for big tables, kid-friendly food and amazing donuts!

What’s the best donut you’ve ever eaten and where?

Love you more than chocolate,



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