Dinner at Tavern 1903: The Cocktails & The Desserts (Part 2)

Glenlivet Infused Butterscotch Pudding in a transparent container on a white plate

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a glass of Spanish Gin and Tonic cocktail garnish with fresh strawberry slices

(If you missed it, make sure to check out the first part of this restaurant write up: Tavern 1903- The Food & The People)

The second part of my recap about my dinner at Tavern 1903 is all about my two favorite things:

Cocktails and dessert.

What that says about me I don't know….and don't tell me please. Let's just leave me in the dark, shall we?

Tavern 1903 has an interesting cocktail menu, to be sure. You can choose from classic cocktails, such as the Spanish Gin and Tonic shown above or venture into their custom cocktails like the Ardbeg in the Morning, shown below.

The Spanish Gin and Tonic was a surprise to me. Comprised of Tanqueray, Fresh Lime Juice, Bitterman’s Celery Shrub I didn't like it first sip. I am not a Gin and Tonic kind of girl. Then it simply grew on me. The celery flavor started to be more appealing and before I knew it, I was enjoying the taste of it, to the point where I would order another one in a heartbeat. Perhaps that just simply the nature of a Gin and Tonic for you, it's an acquired taste, so I have been told.

The Ardbeg in the Morning is a mixture of Ardbeg 10, Pineapple Juice, Rhubarb Coulis, Fresh Sage and Elemakule Tiki Bitters. Strong and delicious. While I would be sorely tempted to start my morning with one of these, that might just be frowned upon. Maybe.

Ardbeg Cocktail - a mixture of Ardbeg 10, Pineapple Juice, Rhubarb Coulis, Fresh Sage and Elemakule Tiki Bitters

The Clover Club is one of the sweetest drinks on the menu and of course, the one that I had first.  Made with Old Tom Gin, fresh lime juice, strawberry shrub, agave syrup and egg white, this frothy wonder was a hit with the women at the table.

a glass of Clover Club cocktail garnish with fresh strawberry

I'm starting to feel like a lush, posting all these pictures of alcohol. Can I explain with the fact that it was a three-hour dinner? No? Then I guess I am a lush, so be it.

The Tarragon Lemonde is a seriously super delicious drink.  Comprised of 2 oz. Tanqueray Gin, fresh tarragon, simple syrup & fresh lemons I could have enjoiyed these all night. I also just realized this one packs a powerful 2 ounce punch as well!

a glass of tarragon lemonde with fresh tarragon and fresh lemons

Dessert – my favorite part of any meal- was definitely worth waiting for. Mike and I had gone in for lunch previously and had shared the chocolate cake before. It's a good, solid chocolate cake.

a slice of chocolate cake with white icing on top in a white plate

I had looked at the Maple Bacon Cider Donuts and just wasn't sure of them. I am rarely a “bacon on dessert” kind of girl. This is the exception to the rule. These were absolutely fabulous, I was completely surprised at how much I enjoyed them.

two servings of Maple Bacon Cider Donuts in a rectangular white plate

Mike's favorite was the Glenlivet Infused Butterscotch Pudding and I must admit, I couldn't stop sneaking more tastes even though I was full. If you like a good boozy dessert, then this is the one for you, my friends! You can sure taste the Glenlivet in this dessert, but that's how it should be. If you are going to ply a dessert with alcohol, make sure it's a good brand and that I can taste the flavor fully!

Glenlivet Infused Butterscotch Pudding in a transparent container on a white plate


So now, I always end my restaurant posts with What I Would Go Back For.

I would go back for an evening of those amazing cocktails and the cheese bar with friends and try out even more cocktails. I want to go back and sit on the bar side and just drink in (haha get it? I'm so droll) the antique surroundings and delicious drinks. And a plate of that ricotta. Yum.

I would go back for that Thai Seafood bowl for lunch.

I would go back for the KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower).

I would go back for the friendly atmosphere, the great seating, the overall great food and because I think it's important to support places and chefs that truly show they care about this great city of ours, and that's what Chef Stewart does.

I'd like to thank Chef Larry Stewart and his fabulous team at Tavern 1903 for having us all in for dinner and absolutely spoiling us to bits. What a wonderful night of food, friends and drinks at one of Edmonton's newest hot spots. How lucky am I that I get to do this kind of thing?!

If you have the chance, stop in at Tavern 1903 to check it out as soon as possible. Go for a business lunch downtown. Plan an evening of small plates and cocktails with friends.

Then tell me all about it!



(As always, even though the meal was comped, all opinions are most own!)

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