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Ah, New Year’s Eve. Time to herald in the dawn of a new year, ponder the past year’s accomplishments and eat and drink galore before you wake up in 2013 and decide that it’s time to forego white sugar and anything with the word “carb” in it.

Oh come on, we all know that’s what 60% of us do.

We usually have people over for board games for New Year’s Eve, but considering that my basement contents are scattered throughout my house due to the renovations going on, we are having a quiet night at home.


For those of you hosting a soiree I thought I would whip up a couple of posts full of ideas. I found at my Halloween open house this past October that two crockpot’s full of chili- one vegetarian, the other elk – is simply the only way to go. Throw in some amazing potato bread from the Italian Centre here in Edmonton and you have a pre-made, hot and satisfying crowd please.

You can use my Kitchen Sink Chili Recipe  and simply make one all vegetables.

Soup is another way to go, raise your hand if you have turkey leftovers frozen in the freezer? My recipe for chicken (turkey easily substituted) barley soup is based on the fact that you have leftovers. By the time you are done cleaning up your chicken dinner, you have prepped the stock to be ready by morning!

So if soup is your think, check out my Chicken Barley Soup Recipe.

Want something a little more decadent? Try some crockpot braised short ribs. Using the amazing Julia Child’s creation of red wine and beef stock, plus the technique of browning the beef in bacon fat these are amazing, fall apart, melt-in-your-mouth wonders.

Serve with mashed potatoes or simply by themselves.

Braised Short Ribs Recipe

My favorite,  my Cheesy Bacon Potato Soup Recipe.  I may be biased but it’s simply the best potato soup I’ve ever had. It’s so bad for you that you better enjoy it New Year’s Eve, because I’m sure that you’ll be giving up half the ingredients come January 1st.

 Want to delight your guests with a little curry surprise? Try my Curried Sweet Potato Chicken Soup. It’s not spicy and it’s sure to please everyone’s palate.

How about a Classic Chicken Cacciatore Recipe?  This oldie goldie is always appreciated.

The beauty to all the dishes I have linked to above is that you simply need bread and perhaps a cheese plate to accompany them.

No muss, no fuss and a relaxed hostess on New Year’s Eve! Get any of these recipes simmering in the morning and then simply purchase the accompanying foods.

I hope everyone has a fabulous New Year’s Eve! Here’s to 2013!


So Going To Be Sleeping Well Before Midnight Magpie



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