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young boy playing on the water from hose in the lawn

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young boy enjoying the water from hose in the lawn


My children have been bothering me to get out the pool since the snow has been off the ground. Every day that the sun has been shining, my wonderful Canadian kids have been convinced that pool weather is here, now, and this mom is holding out on them because she is cruel and loves to invent new methods of torture.

So I caved. I just gave in.

Good thing they weren’t pestering me for a pony. There’d be a corral in the backyard.

They wore me down like a cheap pair of heels.

Ok, I did wait until it was 26 above (that’s Celsius). It was warm.

And I needed to water the lawn in the back, to try to get it to care again. To live. To dream. To not be sad that little feet trample it bare and dry and have annihilated it.

Huh. It’s not just me that my children wear down I guess.

I’m sorry lawn. They trample me too.

But they had fun and thought it was the greatest thing that they have ever done.

They were timid.

little girl enjoying the water from hose in the lawn

They were brave and leapt straight in fully clothed!

young boy playing on the water from hose in the lawn

They ducked and ran for cover but had to be just like big brother.

little girl stepping on the water from hose in the lawn

And then mom scooped them up, called Dad and proceeded to hose them down in a nice warm bath.

Welcome to Alberta in May! Snow one day, sprinkler the next.

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  1. Darlene says

    Our kids were all like that when they were young. Now mine are in the lake as early as can be. That was two weeks ago here in Ontario! And they loved it! Just proves even the teenagers are still little boys at heart!

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