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white triangular bowl with kitchen sink chili

Nothing inspires me like the first few days of cold, chilly weather that start to arrive near fall. I would like to point out to the weather gods that they completely ripped us off this summer for nice weather once again – though it wasn’t as bad as last year!- and I would like a hot September please, none of this rainy, frost in the mornings baloney we are now receiving.

Part of me shakes my fist at the sky while another secretly relishes the thought of soups, stews and assorted other meals that are just so comforting in this kind of weather. So I thought I would post a few ideas for those of you lucky enough to be having the same chilly kind of day.

My kitchen sink chili, which I already have in the crockpot. It’s my go-to recipe for days like today. Packed with protein from beans and meat – or just beans if you are vegetarian- it also has vegetables galore, making it healthy, hearty and great for leftover school lunches. This is my son’s favorite meal, above bacon even.

My lemon cilantro roast chicken. I am amazed at how this turned out, flavor just steeped right through the meat of the chicken, making it the best leftover chicken I have ever had. My word, this was great for breakfast the next day. A few simple yet savory ingredients pair together to create a mouthwatering roast chicken.

whole lemon cilantro roast chicken in a wooden tray

Pumpkin soup! You either love it or hate it. I adore it. My family, not so much. This curried pumpkin soup  is my favorite.

white bowl with curried pumpkin soup in wood background

The best biscuits ever. I made these on the rumor that Red Lobster brushes their with garlic butter and then sprinkles parsley on top. I haven’t eaten there in years, so I wouldn’t know, but I have yet to taste any as good as these!

The best biscuits ever in red cooling rack

Roasted parsnips and carrots. In season and delicious when roasted together.

Roasted parsnips and carrots in a white plate

I am hopeful that now with the kids back in school, things are going to start getting back to normal, or what qualifies as normal for me.  Actually, I lied. With the move looming up so very quickly – September 23!!- and my house completely not packed, I have so much to do that sometimes I ignore it and surf the interwebs instead.

I spent last night replying to oh-so many emails, comments, tweets and Facebook peeps, realizing all of a sudden how far behind I was.

I am still here.

I adore every single comment, question and tweet. They make my day, I read every single one, believe it or not and try to honestly get back to everyone.

If I do not reply within a day or two, send me an email for sure. Sometimes they get so backlogged that I glance at them, think oh yes, I will get to answering him/her, then new ones come in that completely wipe my memory.

Remind me gently.

Then remind me again not-so-gently if I still don’t reply. A virtual whack to the back of the head. I will reply, I promise.

I hope everyone is just having such a fabulous back to school time. Part of me is sad that my baby is in Grade One but I think because I am so very busy it’s not really sinking in. I have this niggling feeling that about mid-October I am going to look around my new house one day and have that crying jag that I really haven’t had yet. I honestly can’t say that I miss the kids because I now have time to deal with all the pressures and things to do.

But once I stop go-go-going I think I might be in a wee bit of emotional turmoil.

So I guess I just keep go-go-going!

Have a totally fabulous long weekend everyone!


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  1. Mindy Tindall says

    Those roasted parsnips and carrots look amazing. I want to try your recipe for those biscuits; I have a similar one.
    I found a recipe for pumpkin whoopie pies that I desperately want to try, but decided not to cave into cool weather stereotypes and baked brownies and whipped up some lentil soup instead. **** you, fall.
    I think you’ll overcome your emotional turmoil more quickly than you think, once it hits.
    Good luck packing. Though I still think unpacking is worse. At least you have a beautiful new home to move into! 🙂

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