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The Bundy’s Hit Banff

One of the nicknames we have for our family would be the Bundy’s. My father is not a shoe salesman, nor does my mother have flaming red hair. I like to believe I am not a trampy blonde-however that may depend on whom you ask-and my brother..ok well.  Perhaps there is a little Bud Bundy in that kid.

You’ll see why later.

But truly, we can be a loud, raucous, overwhelming force when we all convene together.


And convene we did, in the beautiful town of Banff Alberta for my dad’s 65th birthday.

First stop McDonalds. My dad is convinced they have a dang good coffee.

And Bud Bundy my brother just likes to eat. Even McCraps food.

Ok, so really, he is a Bud Bundy.

How are we supposed to marry this kid off and get me some nieces and nephews? Tell me? How?

Ah see, such a handsome kid when he wants to be.

Which is seldom. He’d rather be a dork.

The  Bundy’s proceeded to walk the main strip in Banff, shopping and chasing children and generally having that raucous good time.

Oh see, my sister has flaming red hair…but not in an awesome beehive. Doesn’t count towards a Peggy.

And of course, we visited the Banff museum, which is one of my favorites.

Obviously I have an affinity for stuffed dead animals. But to be honest, the building is the real work of art, it is amazing.

And full of all that taxidermy can be.

Lordy, look at those railings, the very low railings since the building is old, but so gorgeous in their design.

Did I mention the building was old?

Old or not, there was also a cute room for the kids, with puppets and antlers/pelts for them to touch. My son wrote that his favorite thing was the golden eagle.

And then we found books.

And my son was in seventh heaven.

But for some reason the staff just couldn’t wait for us to leave.

I have no idea why.

Could be my daughter who wouldn’t stop touching the antique glass or the fact that the sounds of the whole family just bounced and echoed through that beautiful building.

Or the sound of above son having a meltdown over not being able to read every…single..magazine they had.

Good thing I lured him out with the promise of buying him a toy.

Hey, do as I say, not as I do.


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