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view of forest and lake

If you want to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage, get out there now. You have only mere moments left before all this color is on the ground and we enter the starkness that Alberta fall is.

Yes, stark. It amazes me how fast the leaves turn then plummet to their winter resting ground, leaving the trees skeletal and forlorn for the remainder of Autumn.

But for a limited time, a few colors like this still remain.

close up of colorful flowers and leaves

My husband took the kids out to Elk Island Park a week ago while I toiled away at work and they enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

little boy wearing blue shirt at the Elk Island Park

My daughter is obsessed with bison.


While walking with friends once, when the kids were smaller,  maybe two summers ago, we got trapped on a path with a bison.

We were walking on a narrow trail and came around the corner to see a buffalo bumbling his way down the path towards us.

Being, oh, slightly 10000 times smaller and wiser than said animal, we ran into the bushes and hid, trying all the while not to panic the kids but also to keep them quiet.

I must admit, it was creepy.

Waiting….and waiting in the bushes…for this mammoth beast to pass you by, hopefully not get mad and really, REALLY hopefully not come and check you out.

And it passed us by, and I even have pictures somewhere-this is me we are talking about- of a few scared kids with very wide eyes, waiting for the buffalo to pass.

And since then, my daughter has a thing for them.

“Mommy, do buffalo eat people?”

“Mommy, do bison live over there in those trees?”

“Mommy, are there buffalo in the River Valley”

“Mommy, no really, do buffalo eat kids?”

So she was incredible happy to see a bison when they went to the park. All I have heard is her exulting over seeing this bison.


“Mommy, do buffalo eat people?”

buffalo in the grasses

“Yes, my princess, THIS one does.”

Tell me those wild eyes don’t scream “I EAT SMALL CHILDREN FOR BREAKFAST.”

Herbivore my hiney.

close up of buffalo wild eyes

I haven’t shown my daughter the above picture.

I only have so much saved in my children’s future therapy fund.

She still doesn’t sleep in her own room half this time and this picture would practically guarantee that she is still crawling into bed with me when she’s 17.

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