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young girl in the sea water with two arms up

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Slacker, thy name is blogger on vacation. I have other people writing my Pie Day posts (and thank you so much to all of you!) and the last thing I have felt like doing at the end of a long, long day in the Anaheim sun is editing photos and writing up a post. Tonight I find myself at the end of a rather relaxing day – a rarity on our crazy family vacations and while watching Storage Wars was inspired to write a little.

We spent a lot of time not only at Disneyland- post on that forthcoming of course- but at one of our favorite beaches, Huntington Beach, AKA Surf City USA. It’s large, in charge, beautiful and there’s always more than enough room for us to find a great spot on the beach.

The boardwalk is an amazing walk with one of my new-found restaurant loves at the end. Sadly we didn’t eat in this Ruby’s but WILL next time! We tried Ruby’s for the first time later on and I regretted not sitting in this one, staring out at the ocean while eating one of their amazing burgers.
family with the kids walking going to Ruby's Surf City Diner

While walking the pier you can see some of the amazing surfers that partake in what are considered some of the best waves around – it’s called Surf City for a reason, I guess.

amazing surfer that partake some of the best waves

We soon trekked back to the beach and found a spot for the afternoon.

I have wicked sandal tan lines on my white feet. Only a Canadian could achieve this feat.

foot in the sand with sandal tan lines

My daughter…was in seventh heaven. Oh how she has changed in the past three years. The last trip she wouldn’t venture into the ocean, instead she spent the time building sand castles.

This time?

The picture says it all.

young girl in the sea water with two arms up

So does this one.

young girl in the sea water enjoying the waves

My son – the future engineer body surfed a while with me and then proceeded to build canals and walls to divert the surf. I love this kid’s mind. It works on a different level than most people’s.

young boy playing in the sand near the sea water

My little surfer dude.

close up of young boy wearing blue cap and sun glasses

I napped.

It was great.

woman laying in the sand with face covered with cap


Ok, so maybe ALL days weren’t that busy, if I managed to find time for a nap on the beach.


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