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Alrighty people.

My son’s school needs new dark-out blinds for the school gym. You wouldn’t think this is high on the list of needs for a school, but when your children attend an arts core school that has multiple theatrical performances in said gym, you need dark out blinds.

And that’s just the first item on the need list for the school.

So I am hitting you all up.

Since I am part of the fundraising committee at our school-the whole 2 of us who are on it- this was partly my idea, so you need to buy some to prove me right.

We are all tired of cookie dough. If I see another bucket it will be too soon. Soon being this spring before Easter. Sigh. I just couldn’t handle selling cookie dough right now.

But for now, it’s perogie and cabbage roll time!

All orders will be in the first week of December, right in time for Christmas!

I will also deliver within Edmonton for orders of  three items and up! Just think, you can invite me in for coffee and a snack. Wait, was that just more than a little creepy of me? Like really creepy of me inviting myself into peoples houses?

Meh. I usually humiliate myself for the sake of my children. It’s not the first time.

So if you want to order, I accept Paypal and email bank transfers, what could be easier than that! And I will deliver as long as you purchase enough!

Take a look at the list and drop me an email at thekitchenmagpie at

You know you want some!

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  1. Brenda Mason says

    I would like to place an order of rice and bacon cabbage rolls 4 doz as well as potatoe,bacon and chedder chz perogies 4 doz I usually make my own but was T-boned by a cab June 4th so standing for long periods of time kills my back . This is a first for me ordering . I live in Edmonton My name is Brenda Mason you can find me on FB  Thank -you .

  2. A Canadian Foodie says

    I would do it,but still have some in my freezer from a fund raiser last year!!! I can’t believe they are still there (some of them) but I did buy 12 dozen.
    Great idea.

  3. Ann Quinn says

    Hey, Karlynn

    I would love to place an order. I would like

    2 doz Nalynysky
    2 doz rice & bacon cabbage rolls
    4 doz potato bacon & cheddar pyrohy

    I wish you guys were also selling the piroshki!!!!

    Let me know your info for Paypal. I live in Fort Saskatchewan but work in Edmonton.

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