Mike and I have toyed – and played around with- the idea that we need a website that is about us. We’ve tried a few things out, with nothing really fitting us. Too serious. Too dull. Too…not us.

We finally hit on the right name and tone for our joint venture: Unicorns in the Mist.  This just happens to be what our accountant called us as she cried over our tax returns and the name has just stuck.

The moment we found the unicorn logo above and Mike slapped it and some wording together…we knew that this was it.

It’s irreverant. Ridiculous even. It’s completely not taking anything seriously…

..and what could sum us up more?

I knew it was the right thing when I laughed every time I said it. I still laugh at it, which means that it should be a hoot to write on. It’s going to be all about blogging for a living and more.

I’ve already started a new series…ones that’s a touchy, touchy one. However it’s time that someone started writing about it and I was spurred to start last week. You’ll have to see what it was that started the whole thing..and let me know what you think!


You can check out the new page HERE.

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Have fun reading!




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