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close up of a foosball table

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close up of a foosball table

Alright all you single ladies. In the Edmonton area preferably. It’s time to save my brother from his foosball table.

The one that occupies his kitchen.

Sigh. Where is his kitchen table, you ask?

foosball table on the opposite side of the window

It’s here. On the deck.

kitchen table on the deck with a man enjoying his meal

Ok, ok in all seriousness, I love my brother, who just happens to be turning 28 tomorrow. I have to tease.

But ladies. Ladies, ladies ladies.

He’s single.

Perhaps it has something to do with the foosball table in the middle of the kitchen, but girls, the right woman can change that straight away, as you can see, he HAS a kitchen table, he just needs someone to tell him where to put it.

He’s a little confused. He needs a woman’s touch. I mean, the man has a gaming table in the kitchen and his dining table on the deck.

Don’t even ask where we found the lawnmower.

close up of a man enjoying his meal in the deck

Alright, I stop joking and teasing. He owns a lovely house, has a great stable job and is one amazing guy. But really, the table was downstairs not in use and we had BBQ outside for his birthday dinner tonight.

And it’s hard to meet people when you don’t hang around bars all the time, have a home with responsibilities that go along with it, and a black lab named Molly who is dumber than a stick but cute.

a kid watching tv at the living area

And he loves his niece and nephew so much.

man and the two kids with cake in front of them

So who wants a date with him?  Who has a friend that’s single and lives in Edmonton? Come on, he’s cute, nice and related to ME what could be better?

Drop me a line people from my Contact Me page, don’t make me start my own online Edmonton’s Bachelor off my website.

Hey….wait a minute….*insert nefarious wiggling eyebrows here*

Better hurry up though, word on the street has it that he’s got a hot date tomorrow night. Ladies, get those emails in!

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  1. Karlynn says

    Ahem..well if he was a GOOD brother he would read my blog…but I was just planning on surprising him with a nice date one day. He’s sure to really like me after that!
    I’m sure my sister told him, that’s what middle children do best.

  2. Karami (the other sister) says

    HA, Poor baby brother, by him living in edmonton with my sister means she does not pick on her single sister in airdrie. Thanks Wyatt!

  3. Lori says

    Tell him to come to the Sunshine Coast.

    I can find him some lovely – women.

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