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Last Thursday I finally got around to visiting the Alberta Avenue Farmers Market, one of the few markets that are on my end of town. Heck, nothing is really on my end of town, but central is closer than the south for us. The market runs every Thursday from 5-8 pm and the location is 9210 118 ave.

We met Mike there at 5 on his way home from work and waited outside in the absolutely gorgeous weather last Thursday. The kids were happy to play on the playground and wait for everything to open.

I had wanted to pick up some goodies from Serben Freee Range, as I had heard they carried an excellent selection of pork products. As my “vegetarian” son will eat bacon, we are always on the look out for some excellent product.


This would be Jered, whom I think I freaked out by congratulating him on his marriage before even introducing myself. The dangers of the social media world, I tell ya. I follow Serben on FaceCrack, so I knew of his recent nuptials.

Me being a freak aside, let me tell you, the side bacon we picked up from him was phenomenal. The sausage was amazing as well and both were gone within 2 days. Really didn’t buy enough to last the week, whoops!

I do believe that the bacon is harder to come by so we were lucky to pick up a package when we did.

I grabbed some bison burgers and duck eggs from these fellas, no website but they have a nice offering of eggs and bison products. I do believe I also got a rib eye steak as well. Eeesh, how could I forget? I am going to have to try that out ASAP!

And yes, duck eggs. They deserved a whole post to come soon because I know that my purchasing them peaked some interest with the gals I work with, so I aim to please.

A shot of Mike and my littles perusing the goods. It is a small market but I enjoy a smaller market with exactly what I need, rather than one with so much in it that my head spins with indecision. I appreciate that I know who is where and what they sell, can pop in and out on a Thursday and call it a day.

The market is about quality, not quantity and the emphasis is put on supporting local food producers/artisans.

I sound so knowledgeable saying that, but I met the market manager, Kerrie Miller and talked to her a while.

Ah, en Sante, now known as Fruit Salad, organic wines. This Alberta based winery makes the most amazing rhubarb wine I have ever tasted. My girlfriend bought some for me when she visited the Strathcona market and it has lingered in my memory since. Their Saskatoon wine is also excellent, but the rhubarb holds a special place in my heart.

And let’s not forget the great playground right outside. What a perfectly lovely way to end a Thursday, shop at the market and pick up dinner – duck eggs and bacon that night- let the kids get tired before we went home and soaked up the wonderful sunshine.

My poor son.

“Mom, enough of the paparazzi stuff already, k?”

We will definitely be back! There were a few vendors missing that I would like to visit next time.


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  1. Thanks for visiting Lisa, and aren’t those smiley face cookies in that mug just PERFECT? So adorable.

  2. I had to smile when I saw the smiley face mugs. My husband owned one and was devastated when it broke. I looked high and low here in Florida for one and had no luck. So I bought one off Ebay. He was very happy! Love your blog, thanks for sharing!

  3. I haven’t been to this one yet but now I’m going to make more of an effort. It looks great!
    Aren’t we so lucky to have so many wonderful Farmer’s Markets?!

    • The abundance of markets and fresh local food available to us is astounding when one stops to think about it!

  4. I showed this post to Paul; we are so going. I’ve never even heard of this and it’s nearby. Ish. I’ve been to the Callingwood market and of course Strathcona. Have you been to the big one in Calgary? HEAVEN. ON. EARTH.

    • I miss the one in Calgary, and it’s even better now than it was when I lived there. The Avenue Market is a small one, I didn’t see produce there, but the duck eggs are something to go for. The next one on my hit list is and hit up Green Eggs and Ham for some delights (not kidding on the name.)

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