A “Photo Trip” To Disneyland Paris, Part 2

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I’m back with the second part of my photo tour of Disneyland Paris. This time we’ll look at a few things in the other parts of the park, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland to be exact.

woman in black coat, wearing sun glasses in front of the castle at Disneyland Paris

The castle at Disneyland Paris was my favorite part to see. The castle at the parks are the most visually stunning reminder that yes, you are indeed at a Disney park.  As much as I love that first walk down Main Street- you fellow Disney lovers will totally understand what I am saying- it’s that first view of the amazing castle that really gets your heart racing with love and excitement!

View of the castle at Disneyland Paris

Fantasyland at Disneyland Paris is almost identical to Disneyland Anaheim, with the structures being the main difference. Peter Pan is still one of the most popular rides there and commands large line-ups as usual. Snow White, Pinnochio, the carousel, Casey Jr train, Flying Dumbo and the spinning tea cups are all the same rides there as well.

Fantasyland at Disneyland Paris with Peter Pan Image

Oh, but Disney was brilliant! Look at what has a FastPass in Disneyland Paris! That’s right, the longest line-up of all in Fantasyland, Peter Pan’s flight! I simply had to take a picture!

Two Pieces of FastPass in Disneyland Paris

Fantasyland was almost a mirror replica of the Anaheim one, with a few exceptions. This Alice’s Curious Labyrinth was neat, but in my opinion, you can only do it once, making this a total waste of space. This could be a ride instead. You go through a hedge labyrinth that is full of Alice in Wonderland figures, but the novelty soon wears off.

Alice's Curious Labyrinth at Disneyland Paris

Of course, Space Mountain was there in Discoveryland and just like Disneyland Anaheim the dang ride was broken all the time!  I swear, this ride is jinxed! My son saw this picture however and is just crazily planning when he can go on “Misson 2” ! I was sad to have missed this one, it’s Mike’s favorite ride in Disneyland Anaheim and I wanted him to try it out sooo much!

Space Mountain Ride in Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris

Sadly, there was no WALLE ride, just the figurines. I love these two.


Figurines of Walle ride at Disneyland Paris

The Videopolis is a large indoor show stage; if there is one thing Disney like to do, it’s encourage youth performers to come and visit. The Videopolis at Disneyland Paris

The Laser Blast is exactly the same as the Astro Blast back in Anaheim, I was glad to see that they had this favorite there!

The Laser Blast with Buzz Lightyear at Disneyland Paris


I was actually really thrilled with Star Tours, it’s the original version! Does anyone else remember the very first version when it came out? It has a robot that isn’t C3PO.

If you want to watch the original ride, watch here.  Remember it now??

I loved it! This is what the tour was when I was a kid. Yes, that means it hasn’t been updated and it’s really old (wait a sec….) but honestly, I was so excited to see the retro one and can’t wait to take the kids to it!


Star Tours at the Disneyland Paris

Of course, you simply must have It’s A Small World! The one thing I noticed is that everything is so NEW in the Paris Small World ride, compared to Anaheim. It’s a beautiful ride!

View from the Inside of Disneyland Paris

The requisite selfie. Oh, we were so tired! I think that’s why I don’t have pictures of everything, my brain was 8 hours behind in Alberta time and just exhausted.

selfie photo of man and woman wearing blue coats


We are planning on going back next summer and I will be sure to take a ton more photos, you’re just going to have to be patient and wait! I do have some Disneyland Paris food to write about and I’ll be getting on that soon!

So, who remembers that old Star Tours ride? Wasn’t that a blast from the past!!

Love you more than Disney,


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