A Christmas Cartoon, By Mike

stick figure of Dad and Mom

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Days like this I remember why I married him. We are trying to get ready to leave for our annual ETS lights tour here in Edmonton, that takes us to Candy Cane lane and then to the Legislature to see the Christmas tree and have some hot cocoa.

The deal is that they have to clean the basement or they aren’t going.  Mike has been sending them little funny notes to the basement but this one made me laugh so hard that I could barely hold the camera to take the pictures of it.

Enjoy the crazy, weirdo wonderfulness that our family is.

little funny notes to the basement with drawing

stick figure of Mom and Dad in a table with laptop


drawing of bus and two stick figures of kids left by the bus


close up of drawing bus image and note


stick figure of Dad and Mom


close up of stick figures of Dad and Mom with the notes below


close up of the notes


close up of the note telling to seriously clean now

I’m going to go give him a big smooch for being one hilarious Super Dad right now. I could hear my son cackling madly reading it when Mike delivered it and I now hear some serious sounds of cleaning and happy kids from the basement, instead of what could have been a war before a special Christmas event.


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  1. Jasmineleslie says

    Great article, lots of interesting facts that I can use with many audiences here in Christmas cartoon . It is more beautiful and more fun too! hope you’re well . Thanks so much!



  2. Mindy says

    I laughed so hard, tears are running down my legs.

    Thanks again for your yummy baking. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  3. Karlynn says

    Whoa now, who’s going to actually write the book? LOL! If you’re offering and putting my name on it, have at 😉
    Thanks for the gushing, lovely words!

  4. Lori says

    Ohkay. How can I get your blog readership
    Up? So we can get you proposing a cookbook…. So you can sell it; I can buy it & it can include super funny stories & ante dotes with your recipes and the. I can keep them and gift them!!!???
    I adore your blog!

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