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I have truly been a slacker on the travel posts and I apologize for it. While we are technically on vacation, as one might call it, we aren’t really on vacation. Our days have been filled with homeschooling, endless work on my cookbook, Mike’s job and the general day-to-day life activities. The kids are in rock climbing lessons once a week. We have to clean the house, cook dinner, get groceries.

So basically we are at home, just in a far more spectacular and warm setting this winter!  I’ve had to force myself to get out on the deck and enjoy the sunset and leave my cookbook work alone, reminding myself that we didn’t come to Arizona to spend the time holed up inside working the entire time. It’s easy to take it for granted and just complete your work day, make dinner and then realize that you didn’t take a single moment to enjoy the beauty around you and I’ve been doing that lately, especially when it comes to work on my book. The kitchen clean up alone takes me well into the evening and by that time, I’ve spent another entire day not enjoying a moment of the nice weather here.

Sunsets are my favorite, mainly because I’m not an early riser for those spectacular sunrises. 😉

southwest view of 360 sunset with redish orange sky

The sunsets here can be truly spectacular and I’m not sure why. Is it because it’s so flat? Is it the particles in the air that reflect the light in such gorgeous shades? (if anyone wants to weigh in, go for it in the comments below!).

However there has only been one 360 degree sunset that I’ve seen here so far. I’ve been waiting to see another one, but so far this was it.

The above photo is a southwest view from our house one night, off of our bedroom patio.

This picture below however is due East and is usually where the sun rises. It was lit up like the sun was rising, but this honestly was the sunset. I didn’t get to it early enough and the light was fading, but I’ve never seen the East lit up with a sunset like this before.

East view of 360 sunset with dark blue sky

This hill is our Northwest view of the sunset, which is always my favorite.

Northwest view of the sunset with hill

A darker, later shot of the sunset out of our window,the Southeast view was spectacular that evening, The colors were phenomenal. I bumped up the saturation in this photo to see what hues were in the clouds that night and there’s every shade of the rainbow, I swear.

darker view of sunset from Southeast

Now I promise that I am going to go now and edit my photos of our day trip to Sedona. What a breathtaking place it is! I had never even thought of going until our guests wanted to take a day trip. There’s what whole “working” here too much. I haven’t even looked into day trips for us, Sedona was only two hours away. I am shaking my head at myself, I need to make the most of our time here.

This next week however, is all play and no work for me! We are off to Disneyland with my girlfriend and her girls that are coming from Calgary to visit. It’s their first time for Disneyland, which makes this trip so darn exciting for all of us. The kids are bouncing off the walls, waiting to take the girls!

Happy Saturday everyone! Stay tuned for a ton of Disneyland pictures on my Facebook page and Instagram next week!





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  1. ChristinaValenzuelaMease says

    I’m from Arizona, and I must say that of all the countries I’ve traveled to, Arizona has the most beautiful sunrises, & sunsets. \U0001f49c\U0001f31e\U0001f31d

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