1. Drive their bike off ramps.


2. Drive their bikes off ramps and then do a handstand on the handlebars.




3. Stand on the handlebars of their flying bikes.



4. How high in the air is this exactly??



5. Now you're just showing off.



6.  Good gawd, does your momma know you are doing that???



7. And you, other freestyler, how about YOUR momma?



8. Letting go of your bike 40 feet in the air seems like a good idea at the time…



9. Words escape me. Skiddoo. High. Air.



10. Double the danger, double the fun!



However, I highly encourage my children to take up monster truck driving as a career. Yeehaw!


The Capital Ex Gave My Kids Bad, Dangerous Ideas They Didn't Need Magpie


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