I just realized while writing up this post that in the picture above you can see my two children wrestling like tiger cubs on the trampoline. My daughter literally has my son pinned to the trampoline and if I was able to look closely, she might just be biting him. Actually, odds are she really is biting him because that’s how my feral children roll.

The title of this post came about while trying to take a picture of Molly, my brother Wyatt’s dog. We have finally finished the fence in the yard – gate and all!- so Molly can come over to “play” with Root Beer.

And by play, I mean run away from the annoying little fuzzball.

Molly, Molly, Molly.

Molly does not have a good side.

I tried.

I tried a natural shot.

Newp. Tongue is still hanging out like a derp. Which, by the way, is her nickname. Derp. Even my daughter calls her that. Derp Derp.

I tried a head on shot. Lord, you are cute Molly, but still not that smart looking.

I tried with someone distracting her to look away from the camera and she pulled off the trick of her right eye looking away while her left is still looking into the camera.

Creepy talent you have there, Molly.

I tried an action shot and laughed till I cried when I saw it.

You know what makes a dog lucky?

It’s all about the haircut.

Take Root Beer for example. Root Beer HAS ALL THE LUCK.

I cannot get a bad shot of this puppy no matter how hard I try.

These are the ugly pictures.

If you slapped this haircut on Molly, she’d be exponentially cuter.


Maybe not.



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