How To Cook Duck Eggs

The alternate title to this post was going to be My Children Are Weird, but then again almost every post on this site can be titled that. Why this time, you ask, am I slapping the weird label on my children?

It would be their newly discovered love of duck eggs. I  find myself fascinated day in and day out with their culinary choices, one likes spicy the other one has to have everything plain, the tall one hates the texture of meat, the short one is a ravenous carnivore.

They both discovered they love a good feast of duck eggs.  Wouldn’t have pegged that one, at all. I thought my son would get all funny and refuse to try them and my daughter would run the other way. Newp. Loved them.

And I have been hearing about it for a week and a half since we ran out and I didn’t make it to the market to get any.

I had picked up some side Bacon from Serben, a rare commodity -though there is a rumor I clarified that he is butchering in the next week or so- and thus this jewel will be available soon.

I highly suggest you scoop it up whilst you can. It’s very sad when you run out if it.


Speaking of running out, I dropped by the city market on Saturday too dang late to pick up more eggs, he was sold out. The early bird gets the free range chicken eggs.

I hate that early bird.


On to the duck eggs. I have been meaning to pick some up for a while now, alternate protein sources are much sought after in this household and since my son eats eggs I was curious if I could introduce a new type.


This shows the size difference, though not as well as I would like. There is a large difference indeed, not just in the outside size.

To set the record straight,  my hands are prettier than my husbands. There was a full scale argument over whose hands looked better holding the duck eggs.

He won. Because he couldn’t take a decent picture of my hands with my new camera to save his soul. I tried to hold the eggs and then use a third arm to take the picture, but discovered that I didn’t have one. Who knew?

I would also like to bring to your attention that I do not have hairy arms like that.

I think.

I better double check my pictures and make sure, otherwise I am booking a waxing appointment STAT.


So moving past hands and eggs, look at the size of that yolk!

So, how DO you cook duck eggs?

Just like chicken eggs.


Except that two of them take up an entire frying pan, which usually fits 4 chicken eggs perfectly.


To cook them, use butter in the frying pan, crack them in and steam them right away with a lid. They will take a while to cook and the whites are definitely a different texture than chicken egg whites. I guess the protein content is higher and contain twice the amount of iron and five times the amount of Vitamin B-12.

I also scrambled them with rave reviews from the littles, who scarfed them back like there was no tomorrow.

The yolk is richer as well as being larger which I think is why my son loves them so much, more for his toast to dip in. The texture of the whites didn’t seem to bother either child or us, and I really liked that you only need one per person for a serving.

The taste will of course depend on what the ducks are fed, just like chickens, so sourcing out a reputable producer is key, I don’t think I would purchase them from a store.

They are supposed to be phenomenal in baking as well and rumour has it people who cannot eat chicken eggs are sometimes able to eat duck eggs since they differ so much.

These along with that side bacon were a supper to remember!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

How are my fellow Canadians handling their first day back to work after what was the best May Long Weekend in recent memory?

No snow for the first time in years, no rain until the Monday, beautiful sunshine, the skeeters weren’t bad at all…… wait a cotton pickin’ minute.

Perhaps the world DID end after all and we just didn’t notice?

Love and hugs for those suffering from too much imbibing this merry past weekend,

Kitchen Magpie


I'm going to pick up my first dozen duck eggs tomorrow from a public market that is just down the street from us. The public market is open every Thursday. I'm also a vegetarian and I eat eggs for my protein over anything else. I'm anxious to buy some duck eggs and try them out. I feel better about eating them from reading how your kids like them, so knowing that they are kid tested and kid approved makes them sound very good! This was a nice post to read.

Karlynn Johnston
Karlynn Johnston

They are our favorite treat for eggs! Lucky you that you have a friend who gifted them!


Thank you so much I was so nervous a friend gave us these eggs and im like"what animal is in the fridge!?" (because they are such big egs" but im sure they are delish:)


Thanks for this great post.  We have two pet ducks and Jemima has just started laying.  My son has been so keen to eat the eggs but I wasnt sure exactly how to  cook them.  We read your post  together and he  was even more excited  to try scrambled duck eggs when after reading how much your own  kids love them.  He's tucking into them now and I can hear the fork scraping up every last scrap.Thanks again.  :-)


Thanks for the info on duck eggs. I have been curious and have wonderred about cooking, etc. Now I will try some... I love eggs!