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    If Life Gives You Snow, Take Pictures.

    Uhhh, did the weather gods forget my request for a warm Fall? A nice October? Oh wait, of course! It’s because I booked my shift off on Halloween, which is on a Saturday this year, and we were going to have a bonfire in the back yard and spend sometime outside.

    So really, I asked for this snow. I did. By actually even considering an outdoor activity.

    Hopefully this is short lived. I have a LOT I still need to do outside, and usually October is my month for catching up. I haven’t raked, re-built my raised garden beds, or any of my grandiose schemes.

    My flowers are so sad and droopy in the snow. Kinda like I feel. Droopy. Blah. And cold.

    This was one random rose on my rose bush that actually started blooming 3 days ago. The very definition of late bloomer. And bad timing!