pretzel & marshmallow bonesThe time has come, the walrus said, to write of many things.

Of Halloween goodies, tricks and treats,

Of witches brew and bat wings.

Now that I’ve completely bastardized Lewis Carrol, it’s time to get to my point. Halloween is a coming, folks! My favorite time of year for treats and goodies, kids wigged out on sugar and baking galore.

Sounds like a fun time, doesn’t it?

I’m going to start by revisiting the Halloween Hits here on The Kitchen Magpie, the goodies that not only were awesome but I make time and time again. When I served these pretzel & marshmallow bones at my annual open house, they disappeared within the first hour. They ARE time-consuming to make, but they are so delicious! I am pondering if I have the time to make them again this year…..


Ingredients Needed:

10 oz white chocolate
50-60 mini pretzel sticks, allowing for lots to break
100 or so mini colored marshmallows

I used colored marshmallows in these because I have a deep love affair with them. They bring back childhood memories of the large ones that used to be available, do you remember those? I haven’t seen them in decades and I look every time I am at the store. So dear Kraft, please bring those back to Canada. It’s not that I don’t like the neat ones I can pick up in the States – other than I have to be in the States to do it!– but those large colored marshmallows should be made available to us for the summer. I want to roast the green ones over a campfire again please. What was your favorite color? I always thought the green ones tasted the best.

So when using the colored marshmallows, if you are a perfectionist, you will have to do two coats. And to be honest, even the pretzels show through a bit with one coat. For some reason none of the recipes I saw tell you this, the one in my cute little Halloween recipe book I just picked up makes no mention of it at all.

So if you are picky, double the amount of chocolate and allow the time for two coats.

This batch “as is” makes about 40 bones. I was ok with the colors showing through.

Melt your  chocolate in a large 4 cup glass measuring cup. Take your created bones – a marshmallow stuck on each end of a pretzel and dip it in the chocolate, coating all sides. using a fork, lift it up, tap the excess chocolate off and lay it on a sheet covered in wax paper. Put the sheet in the fridge when you are done to harden them up fast, then if you desire, do another coating.

The colored marshmallows make these taste ah-mazing and I did like the colors showing through a bit, very cute.

pretzel & marshmallow bones

The kids can help by putting the bones together, then mom and dad can dip them into the chocolate.



Halloween Baking is Only Second to Christmas Magpie


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