I have needed a new Crockpot for a long….long time now. So when I was asked a couple of weeks ago to try out a new Crockpot and write about it, I leapt on the chance like a lion on a gazelle.

I use my Crockpot all the time. It's a constant fixture on my kitchen counter, simply because in the winter I rarely get the chance to even out it away before I use it for a hot supper the next night.

The shape that my old Crockpot is in can attest to the fact that it is well used.So well used in fact that this past year the poor old handle just gave up the ghost. Now let's not be too hard on my Crockpot, it IS over 12 years old.


Twelve. Years. What else – other than my marriage since this was a shower gift- lasts as long as twelve years?

This and a popcorn air popper are the only appliances that remain from my wedding shower twelve years later and are still used weekly,  is that not incredible? I do believe my mom and sister bought this for me.

This is my new baby, she's gorgeous and matches my kitchen.

She also has more options that my old one, which had low and high and that's all.

Oh, don't worry about my old one, she's been tucked away onto the shelving downstairs, awaiting a time when I need two crockpots, which one would think rarely happens, but oh, it does. As someone who entertains a lot, the need for two presents itself when making chilies or soups for my open houses or parties. I borrowed my brothers this past October for our annual Halloween open house to hold the vegetarian chili option.

No borrowing any more!

She wasn't going anywhere after 12 years of service, broken arm or not. She's retired but still will be called back for active duty.

Now testing out a new crockpot means a new recipe! What I was going to make hit me like a ton of bricks while I was cleaning the kitchen after supper.

Ha. I just said I was cleaning the kitchen, so now you know I'm completely lying.

Anyway. I digress.

Maybe I was watching Mike clean the kitchen and was admiring my new shiny crockpot. Perhaps I then looked at the roast chicken left on the platter and thought hey, Mike totally needs to clean that up.

Or maybe I thought hot diggety darn, I'm making chicken soup!

The beauty to a crockpot is that you have no excuse not to make your own chicken stock overnight after a roast chicken. Take your chicken bones and throw them into your crockpot with 12 cups of water. Add everything save the meat, I mean the neck as well. I use a simple poultry spice on my chicken so when I make a stock out of it, this amazing poultry spice just seeps through flavor-wise. Throw in celery tops and bottoms (the parts you don't really eat) slice up half an onion in large rings, slice one carrot lengthwise,  2-3 cloves of garlic and perhaps 2 bay leaves. Simple.

Set your crockpot to low for 10 hours if it's like my new one or simply just to low and cook overnight. In the morning you will wake up to the smell of chicken soup.

It's really actually weird at 8 am. Just sayin'.

Then follow the rest of the recipe!

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Chicken Barley Soup & A New Crockpot
Prep Time
20 mins
Cook Time
20 hrs
Time saving recipe! By the time you are done cleaning up after your roast chicken dinner, you will have prepped TOMORROWS dinner as well! Best trick I have ever learned! Chicken soup made with your roast chicken leftovers. You CAN make your own stock, in a crockpot it's as easy as pie! The prep for this is done right after dinner and placed in the fridge until morning, then combined in the crockpot.
Author: Karlynn Johnston
  • bones of one roast chicken 1/2 in onion cut ringsone carrot cut lengthwise 2-3 cloves of garlic cup tops and bottoms of celery - about 12-3 leaves bay12 cups of water.4 cups of chopped carrots and celery chopped in large pieces2-3 cups of peeled and chopped russet potatoes leave these large too3-4 cups of chopped leftover chicken3 tsp powdered vegetable or chicken stock I like my soup strong-tasting!1 cup of barley
  1. Once you are done with your roast chicken dinner and are cleaning the kitchen anyway, it's time to start the soup.Chop up all the remaining chicken, cleaning all the meat off the bones and place in fridge until morning.Take the now clean chicken bones and combine them with the first 6 ingredients in your crockpot and cook on low overnight.Chop up your vegetables and place in the fridge overnight.In the morning, remove all the chicken bones and flavorings from the crockpot.Place your vegetables, barley, chicken and extra stock (if wanted, I really like a darn flavorful stock) into the crockpot and cook on low for 8 hours.>When you get home, you'll have a pot full of delicious soup ready to eat!This make a lot of soup as well, so it also provides lunches for the whole family the next day!

The Crockpot worked beautifully. Low really actually means low – sometimes low on crockpots just means slightly less boiling- and it does take a good 8 hours to cook this soup. The fact that you choose an amount of time and then it flips off and changes to “keep warm” is the best thing ever invented! That means that if you are late getting home from work this crockpot will cook for 8 hours and then simply keep supper warm for you.

I know I'm behind the times. Let's remember that I have happily used Hi and Low for 12 years and these fancy settings are something new and fun for me!

So a huge thanks for Crockpot for sending me my new love, I am so happy to have a new one right in time for winter!

But hmmm.

Let's remember that when I do reviews for companies……

…I always ask for something to give away to my readers…

Now what is that going to be?


You'll Have To Wait Until Tomorrow on the Recipe Roost Magpie


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  1. I have this exact slow cooker and use it all the time!! Love your idea of stock!!!!!

    Gonna try it This Week!

  2. ACanadianFoodie Reply

    LOVE BARELY. Isn’t it written somewhere that is must be made with beef if in a soup? Oh, you young ‘uns just play with the tried and true, don’t ya?

    Bet it’s good, too!


  3. sylviamaxine Reply

    So pretty!  I am slowly getting new kitchen appliances and your new crockpot is the cat’s meow

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