First, walk waist deep into a lake holding your third child, your beloved Canon and your Nifty 50 lens to take pictures of your two other children and nephew.

Try to wrangle three kids having fun on a dock to sit down.

This is the equivalent of herding cats away from a catnip patch.

Once you get them sitting down, ask your son to please not splash and your nephew to stop the maniacal smiles, please.

Use a very exasperated tone of voice to tell your daughter to stop kicking her brother.

Quickly take a picture, realizing this is the closest you are going to get to perfection. Ever. They are all looking at the camera. Facial expressions do not matter at this point.

Tell them they can splash away.

Back away slowly, hoping you don’t drop your camera on the way back to shore.

Let the sight of your children enjoying themselves immensely with their cousin at one of the most gorgeous lakes in Canada warm the cockles of your heart.


It’s Beach Day Again Today Magpie