How To Throw a Simple Minecraft Birthday Party


Ah, the Minecraft birthday party. What every little boy or girl is wanting this year, mine included.  When presented with the idea of a Minecraft birthday party I was a little overwhelmed, truth be told, since I don’t pay attention to the games that Mr K plays, that job falls upon his Dad. Being the brilliant tech-minded guy that he is, Mike vetoes every game or website that the kids play and when I looked at Minecraft I was a little unimpressed, to say the least. I don’t really “get it”.

While the appeal of the game may escape me, the building aspect enthralled my little engineer-to-be boy. This kid thrives on science, math and building, to the point where I’m incredibly glad that we ended up choosing an arts core school for the kids. He’s so intently focused on the sciences that he needs the balance that arts programming gives him.

So a Minecraft birthday party it was for my little boy who was turning 9.


I really wanted to keep it simple because simple birthday parties are my true love. Simple allows you to do a few things, really well. That’s my kinda style.

The first thing was making Creeper  pins for our treat bags. While you might immediately think “Are you crazy? That’s too much work!“,  let me change your mind about it.


If you have one of these cuties below, you have someone to make your Creeper pins.

The design is incredibly easy, you can follow what you see above. My son was able to figure it out all on his own and complete 10 pins for his friends over 2 days.


Michaels sells bags of individual colors of the Perler beads, so you buy one black, one green and you are set. The pin backs are glued on with Gorilla glue and the clips can be found at Michaels as well.


The treats for the goodie bags were incredibly easy thanks to my friendly neighborhood Bulk Barn.

There are Wiki’s of all the food in Minecraft and with their help I managed to figure out that there are “fish” and “melons” that Bulk Barn almost regularly carries. I also came across the chocolate rocks and was so darn excited.

Most of what they do in Minecraft is mine ore, rocks, minerals and more. So to find rocks and minerals in a chocolate form for the treat bags was the ultimate!


Speaking of treat bags, these beauties were a piece of cake! Simply buy green treat bags (Michaels as well) and cut out black construction paper to make Creepers. This took all of 10 minutes.


Now on to the main event! Cupcakes!

Wow. Do I ever feel like I phoned these in.

So unbelievable easy to make they shouldn’t look this good.

All you need to do is bake up the cupcakes, ice them with my buttercream icing then use Wilton black gel to draw on creeper faces.



The Best Buttercream Icing Ever
Author: Karlynn Johnston
Recipe type: icing, frosting
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 12
The best buttercream icing recipe ever, sweet and salty perfect icing.
  • 1 cup of salted butter
  • 3 teaspoons of vanilla
  • 4 cups of icing sugar
  • 4-5 tablespoons of coffee cream (18% and up)
  1. Trust me on this one and use salted butter in this icing.
  2. Whip that butter, with a paddle beater if you have it, if not, don’t worry.
  3. Add in the icing sugar* make sure it’s fresh!*
  4. Add in the cream. Not milk, cream. I used 4 tablespoons for my preference, you adjust to what you want.
  5. Stiffer icing = less cream.
  6. Whippier icing = more cream. Vanilla…. I used 3 teaspoons, again, you can try a little more if you like.Then keep mixing it until fluffy and thoroughly combined


Whip up a batch of my Best Buttercream Icing Ever and then simply ice up some plain cupcakes for the adults or kids to enjoy.


I also made snacks that matched the theme, all of them easy.

Blue finger jello cut into squares for water.

Helloooo 5 minutes of work that equalled a lot of squeals of delight from little Minecraft crazy kids.

Square sandwiches. You get where I am going with this? Everything in Minecraft is square. Serve square food.

Slice cheese into cubes.

Slice up watermelon into cubes.

Slice…anything you want into cubes.

Oh so easy.

That my friends, covers it. No muss, no fuss, simply a great Minecraft party that had just the right amount of themed items that impressed the kids yet won’t stress you out while making it.

The kids played Minecraft on our Xbox taking turns, came down to eat, played Minecraft some more, opened presents, ate cupcakes and left.It was simply one of the best parties I’ve done yet. Fun, exciting and easy to do.

Hope this gives everyone some ideas!


The I Still Don’t Really Get Minecraft Magpie

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