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Hi everyone! I am so very glad that you stopped in to visit my little piece of the web. I’m Karlynn Johnston, also known as The Kitchen Magpie. I live and blog from Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

A few things you may not know about me:

– I have a travel obsession. If I am not actively travelling, I am planning my next trip. Always.

– I’m addicted to anything Disney and my dream is to live in Disneyland for a week. Seriously.

– I can really, really be an introvert sometimes. So whenever you see me on TV, or at a really big event, I’m actually pushing myself to grow onwards & upwards and resist the urge to hide in my house and just talk to y’all through this blog.

– This website has turned into a “real job” (you know, instead of a fake one). Sometimes I wake up and wonder how the heck that happened..and then I want to go back to bed because a real job has responsibilities and who the heck wants those?  Then I realize I love you all and get back into the kitchen and bake you a new dessert or cookie.

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Why the Kitchen Magpie? one might ask. Well, my nickname has been Magpie since I was a little girl, and for good reason.

I might just have an addiction to anything shiny. Sparkly jewelry, Shiny Carnival glass…you name it, if it sparkles then my eye (and pocketbook!) are drawn to it.

I collect recipes, shiny kitchen toys, pretty retro kitchenware and restaurant experiences like a magpie. At any given time in my house, you can find a random assortment of scraps of paper with recipe ideas strewn about the kitchen, something bubbling – or burning- on the stove and always, always I tell you, one gigantic mother of a mess.

My kitchen is my nest, where you will find me fluffing my creative feathers, retreating into my cookbooks with a cup of tea and always thinking of the next creation I am going to attempt.

Take a peek at all my recipes and see what tickles your fancy. I am such an eclectic cook that there is something for everyone. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Welcome to my kitchen and my crazy, crazy life!

Speaking of my crazy life, there’s a few things I always want to clear up! I make my living off my website and while I do that, I want to make sure that I am always as clear as a bell when it comes to being honest with everyone.

Product Disclosure: If I am ever sponsored to write about a certain product, you’ll know it. I always will have a disclaimer at the bottom of the post! 

Travel Disclaimer: When the hotel room, dinner, event or the like when I travel  is comped, you’ll know it! I will always put a disclaimer in!!  However there are many times when I travel that I will pay for something myself and when you see NO disclosure you will know that I paid out of pocket.

On the other hand, to be clear, NO disclosure means I paid for it myself and it’s not sponsored.  Sometimes I am gifted items from friends, family or receive thank you gifts and I feel like writing about them as well and I won’t have a disclosure. I don’t want to ruin the flow of story-telling by having to say ” I bought this myself”.  

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you stick around for recipes, travel and family fun!

Happy reading everyone!



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