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This Week At The Magpie Farm: Greener Pastures and New Babies!

This last week brought springtime snow showers and some daytime rain showers as well, and the pastures are starting to green up nicely! Nobody is more happy about this than the cows as they are out there looking for every bit of green to eat. They wintered in one paddock and this was the first one I opened for them this spring, so they barely made it two steps before starting to eat all grass in sight.

In the chicken coop the chickens have really calmed down since the 7 roosters have left. There is way less competition and everyone seems less on edge. Queenie the red hen that lost all 5 of her coopmates felt lost when her roosters left her. She had nobody to roost with or go outside with. She would roost on the farthest side of the coop away from the others, if the other hens were in she was out of the coop, if the other hens were outside she would stay in the coop all day,  and she was so jumpy.  I am happy to report that they have made progress this last week. Just last night Queenie was only roosting a foot away from the other hens, and she will come outside with the others now to scratch. She is still quite wary, but the others don’t seek her out to pick on her anymore to enforce the pecking order.

Queenie loves to sit on my lap and casually have a nap when I come outside to visit and she knows its a safe place. She also managed to take her own selfie today by pecking the screen on my phone, I think we have to work on that one. But she is fitting in better every day and I expect her to be fully integrated within another month or two.

The new babies aren’t mine, they are hidden in one of the cow shelters out in the pasture. They are 4 day old pigeon or dove babies and they look so much different than other baby birds.  I will have to look at the parents more carefully to determine which they are. I will be giving weekly updates on these little guys as they grow up!

Check in next week as I stalk the parents of these birds and to see what kind of babies these are growing up to be!




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    Kimberley Tremblay
    April 30, 2017 at 8:57 pm

    Awwwwww, sweet babies!!! And sooo happy to read Queenie is fitting in more. I got tears for her!!! xx Look forward to the updates!

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