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This Is Not…

…the sky that I woke up to today. This was the sky yesterday as I was taking Mr K to school, it was so beautiful and warm, I looked up, and just *click* took a pic of the happiness it was. (its been a cold, cold week here)

First day of the long weekend. I have a gloomy,grey, yicky sky, while the weather report online assures me that I have a clear sky and its +7. Lies, all of it. I think whomever is forecasting for the Weather Network is not living here and is guessing our weather while he sips Pina Colada’s on a beach somewhere. It’s supposed to be +17 this afternoon, and it probably will, right in time for me to head into work. There is also snow..yes, snow and rain,  predicted on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, with lows of 1 and 0 respectively. I have no idea when I am going to get my plants in, I cannot remember a May Long Weekend when I haven’t put my plants in…this has to be the latest spring in a long time. Maybe Thursday of this week…I get so impatient tho! I have to get my grow-op OUT of my house and get my counter and living space back darn it!

My irises were in bloom by June 1st last year, that is a good gauge for this year, I guess, to see.  However my irises are very, very short and I honestly can’t imagine that they will bloom by then. But I am predicting that all my flowers will bloom while we are gone on our trip, as luck will have it! I am waiting on those Alliums so, so anxiously, that I just know they will bloom while we are away. I am going to ask my caretakers (aka  my brother and my sister-in-law) to take pictures so I can see what came of all my hard work last fall planting bulbs.

Ooooh, is that a ray of sunshine I see!?!!



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