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Sshhhh, don’t tell work, but I miraculously have about 10 days off in a row! About time, I am worn out from those early morning shifts, wonderful to get off at 2:30, not so wonderful to start at 6:30 though!

I have my gardening tour this weekend with Amanda, should be very interesting, I am hoping for great weather of course. Then a whole lot of relaxing I am hoping.

The first bouquet I have cut, a gladiola, a lupine, and some larkspurs. Not sure what happened with my glads, I bought a 20 pack of ALL PURPLE. That is the least purple-looking glad I have ever encountered….there are a lot more about to bloom, so we shall see what I get.

Self portrait of us at the beach.


My lilies and sunflower..
And a visitor on our front lawn. I am not sure why they haven’t eaten my garden yet….everything is still where is should be..maybe they are smart and just waiting for it to grow larger!


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