Time to announce the two couples who are having a fabulous time on Friday at the Rocky Mountain Food & Wine Festival! I will be going early on, so you might just see me there after 4, if you do, stop by and say hi!

The first winner was comment #4, which is Janis G!




The second winner is Alison Mitchell,  comment #23!



I have seen both of you on my Facebook page, so I will be announcing it over there as well.

Thanks everyone for entering and don't worry, there are SO many giveaways coming up in the next two months that I am sure everyone's going to have a great chance of winning! I am really excited to get everything up and running soon, 'tis the season for giveaways!


I Seriously Love Giving Things Away Magpie


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  1. DavidStainberg Reply

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  2. DavidStainberg Reply

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  3. The Kitchen Magpie Reply

    Ha you are the only Alison Mitchell on there! Congrats!

  4. Alison Mitchell Reply

    OOOOMMMMMGGGG!!!!! Thanks so much Karlynn! (I hope I’m the only Alison Mitchell who entered…). Wheee, date night here we come!

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