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The Vegetable Garden

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Is not done.

But I gave it my all today to get in the plants that can stand this slightly chilly weather, because I need my house back.I would like to see through my windows instead of looking at plants blocking my view.

Not that the view of the front sidewalk is so great.

As you can see above and below, my darling husband got innovative and made me a fence. It’s the netting material that’s meant to keep deer and pests out of gardens, black netting that of course you can barely see in the picture. We attached stakes to the heavy as heck wooden garden boxes and it works beautifully.

Total cost was less than $30 for the netting and stakes. You can see my little “gate” on the left of the picture below, we just used wire to make a loop to hold the stakes.

So now that it’s enclosed and protected from the evil bunnies that roam our neighborhood, I managed to get some plants out today.

My potatoes. Lordy. I shouldn’t have started them inside, they are out of control! And I need to hill them more, so tomorrow they are being replanted deeper. I hope I haven’t totally screwed them up by starting them inside….

The sweet potatoes. I have no clue what I am doing here folks, just that I have lovely deep vegetable beds and am trying to grow things. Tuber things. Root vegetables.

On the right end of the deep box I put lettuce, beet and parsnip seeds today as well to get those going. I have a little room left for carrots, but need seeds!

The lettuce needs a bit of shade in the hottest part of the summer, so as you can see, the shade creeps in at the very right end of this garden box, perfect for lettuce.

In the shallow box I am going to attempt cauliflower again.

And on the far end there are some strawberries. Along the back I have planted a row of red runner beans and a row of yellow beans in front of that.

I am waiting to get all my pumpkins, zucchini,watermelons,cucumbers and tomatoes out when it’s warmer, but forgot to get my celery out today.

I also am attempting to control the mess the birds are making with the seed flying out of the bird feeder. I am trying to think of what I can plant in this that can handle seeds a’ flyin’ and shade.

I really, really need to get my tomatoes out already! Warm weather please! I have so many to plant, I went a little tomato crazy.

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  1. Karlynn says

    My “early girl” tomatoes definitely have tomatoes on them, and they aren’t even a foot tall!

  2. Charlynn says

    Looks fantastic! Do you have tomatoes on the plant already? I’m lucky if I even have flower buds on mine right now.

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