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The Picture Has Little To Do With The Post

But now that the air conditioner is out of the kitchen window above the sink, I was trying out how good the lighting was on the counter by there. And its mighty fine indeed. Yes, I had the air conditioner above the sink this year, and it was the perfect place for it. I baked all summer, used the oven without worrying about heating up the house, and actually, the kids and I spend the most time there or in the living room, so it worked out really well. Incredibly ugly, but very functional!

The kid and I spend Friday and Saturday alone, Mike went to his sister’s wedding in Toronto and a fantastic time was had by all, so I hear. The kids and I were no strangers to fun though; Friday night we bought PC Extra Cheesy AMAZING frozen Mac N’ Cheese, pooped it into the oven and had a PJ and Wii party night. Which they are still telling Mike about. Then on Saturday we popped to West Ed to catch Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs at the theatre, which was a great movie, and one I would definitely see again! The Princess was a little scared when all the food started falling down and scaring people, but other than that, the rest was funny and tame and I laughed my head off through most of it! I even told Mike we would take him again to see it. This time without 3D, since Ivy never keeps the glasses on anyways.


Today we did yard work, I worked on my blueberries – posted in home and garden soon- and the kids played outside for hours after we picked Mike up at the airport. And I had my first Caramel Corretto in months, which I can’t believe I just said. Months. No Caramel Corretto. Man, did that taste good. There’s no real reason, other than I haven’t stopped at a Second Cup for months. Weird.

We are tossing around the idea of finishing our basement this fall which is causing me massive amounts of stress. Its a huge amount of money to spend if we finish it entirely, but oh, will we enjoy it if it is finished completely. But then another idea was tossed my way of only enclosing the bedroom and furnace room that is planned, and then leaving the other half undone. So only spending a couple thousand on enclosing those two rooms, throwing down some cheap carpet (free I hope!) and calling it a day and using it like that.

So here are the options:

1) Finish the whole damn thing for about 11-12 grand and a little elbow grease from us painting wise.  (um… that hurt just saying that)

2) Do the bare  bones minimum to close off the furnace room, the bedroom that’s planned and spend only maybe 2-3  grand. (that didn’t hurt as much, but then its not DONE)

3) Say screw it and go blow it all on the ponies.

While option 3 sounds like the most fun, its really down to one and two.  I have no idea what the devil to do. The contractor I have a quote from would need my decision this week, and for #2 we could just pick at it with a framer, then an electrician etc. But its not DONE. But the other option is sooo much money! But it would be done. But its Sooooo much money! See the dilemma? Not done, so much money, not done, so much money. Sigh.

I don’t plan on selling the house for years, we are very happy in it and would have tons of room with the basement done and wouldn’t need to move up house-wise. I have spent far too long on my yard to leave it and have plans for more of course.  So I guess if we are planning on staying (UNLESS there is an acreage that calls my name and my price range. Not holding my breath) maybe it makes sense. And we get a tax credit back this year. But its SO MUCH MONEY!


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