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The Magic Of Polo

Books will almost always fall into the guilt free category of parenting, but Polo books are the most amazing books ever, and I don’t say that lightly.These are incredible, artistic works of art in book form for your children. The pages are wonderfully crafted in the comic book style, but hardly any words, in fact most pages have no words at all, and the sequential blocks of action are drawn well enough that even my 3 year old daughter will look at them and understand what Polo is doing. My daughter quiet is never a good thing, these books are the exception.My son will sit down for an hour and look at the two we have, Polo and the Runaway Book, and The Adventures of  Polo. There are two more recently released, and our household is awaiting them very, very impatiently! Polo and The Magic Flute, and Polo and Lily. I would buy yours now! We will be taking ours on our road trip to the States and I am sure they will save my sanity more than once!

A sample of the pages is shown below, look at the glorious color and wonderful little characters!


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    May 16, 2009 at 1:38 am

    We got our new Polo books today. They are cute, but not as good as the two other ones, if only because they are so much shorter. They are pretty much one-adventure books. Still very sweet, but I’d recommend The Adventures of Polo for anyone first checking out the series.

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