To celebrate the launch of the newest part of my website, The Recipe Roost, I have created a fantastic gift giveaway spree here on the Kitchen Magpie! Oh, have I been waiting to announce this! I just had to have a wee bit of patience waiting for The Recipe Roost to come to fruition and be launched. I have been hoarding all sorts of goodies this past year that I have received from not only companies, but purchased myself when the impulse came upon me.

This is all one big THANK YOU to my many readers who over the years have kept me writing, kept me baking and have built this site into what it now is. It goes without saying that without readers, I have an empty space on the web that I talk into without anyone listening!

I have mentioned before my new requirement that any items I review on this website have to have a twin or another item sent with them for a reader to win, to that my readers benefit from any reviews on my site by having a chance to win one.  If one is not supplied, I simply pass on the review, even if it may fit into my scope. I'm a busy baking lady and if there's nothing in it for my readers, I simply cannot take the time to review a product.


Know what I found out? That there are a lot of companies think you're worth it and of course, I agree!

So all the posts that are sponsored by companies will have it outlined so in the description.

Now, on to the giveaways that aren't sponsored by companies.

Everyone sees the ads on my site, check my right sidebar for the BlogHer ones. Besides the fact that I belong to the BlogHer network and attended my first food conference this past year, the ads are a nice little revenue stream for me. So to thank everyone for putting up with ads on my site, I have taken some of that revenue and put it back into the Edmonton community by purchasing some wonderful local business/food prizes for everyone to win! I've also bought things that I love to share with my readers, some of which may surprise you!

The giveaways will all have the same rules, but in celebrating the launch of the Recipe Roost, all entrants must be a registered member of the Recipe Roost. This helps to up the chances that it truly goes towards my amazing readers and not just people scouring the web for Christmas freebies!

Once you sign up for your account, you will be able to comment on each post without having to leave your information each time! It's so much easier and streamlined than normal commenting! One time sign up, unlimited easy commenting. Perfect.

Trust me. Sign up and get your typing fingers read! This isn't one or two giveaways. Get ready for commenting!

Not only that, but that means I am able to contact the winners easily without you having to leave any personal information on the web for everyone to see!

In the spirit of launching the new part of my site, you also are going to be given a ton of chances to enter the giveaways! You'll have to go and read the contests to find out how!

So head on over to The Recipe Roost, sign up for your account, get ready to all of the giveaways that are going to be started….






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