And I am tired. But its done, and it was finished Sunday morning before I went to work, I can't believe that I managed to get all that done this weekend between working, but I did, and I am so glad that its done.

So, I am not going to my no-till gardening course tonight, seems a little like the cart before the horse since I have everything in the ground and there is no way in Hades that I would change it now. I went online and looked up the methods out there for no-till gardening, and found one called the lasagna method, which I am sure is what I would have learned on Monday, there are just a few different names for it.

SO. I gleaned my info from this book online, very useful, have a read.

Step 1. Cover all the grass with a layer of newspaper. Or your dirt, but I had grass to kill. Curious as to where one would get all that newspaper? I went to the Recycling center at Superstore, and went bin diving. Yup. I think people thought I was crazy as I was taking stacks of newspaper from the bins. I even had my slave labor (children) helping me out. I feebly tried to explain a few times that I was gardening, but just finally gave up and hauled newspaper out of there. Yup, can't you just picture me. The area that I have to garden is roughly a good 80 sq feet, and you need inches of paper, the thicker the better chance you have of the grass not growing through it. So I layed 80 sq feet of newspaper and wet it down, and tromped on it as well to get it flat.


Step 2. After making sure that you have a darn thick layer of paper, put down a nice thick layer of peatmoss. Be prepared to use a lot.

Step 3. A layer of compost or mulch is usually next, and thats what I did, a layer of compost.

Step 4. Another layer of peat. This brought me to about 4 inches of “organic matter” above the paper.

Step 5. This is where I ended, and I planted all my veggies in with a handful of manure just around their immediate base and in the holes a bit. Manure anywhere else just grows weeds.

So over this summer and the winter months, this will all rot and sink and compress, and by next spring, it will be ready for another layer or two, and THEN, boy, the veggies that I should get out of this area! I am very excited for this year though.

I also made it into a raised bed of sorts, its lined with boards all around the edges to protect the fence from rot mainly. My neighbor had a good suggestion of 2 by 10 boards for next year, and THAT I will be doing, then they will be very nicely raised to take all those layers.

So from the left to the right will be, cosmo flowers, (not enough sun for veggies in that part) a big bed of baby carrots, (I just sowed them all over, no rows, should work out awesome) then snap peas along the fence, yellow beans in front, then pumpkins,cucumbers and zucchini's. We are also experimenting with what does better, the house grown vines, or the ones started in the ground, which we planted in front. The goal is that the vines grow onto the cement pad, where the veggies won't rot but will just get radiated heat and sun from it, and hopefully that makes their growth even better. I have to give up a parking spot, but oh well, Mike's ok with parking in the front.

I have my watering boy (my brother Wyatt) coming to get his instructions for the yard, oh, that poor kid. The carrots have to be “misted” because they are .5 cm deep only, and will wash away if they are pummelled by spray at this point, and then all these other finicky areas….its going to be a list with diagrams after all the work I put in!


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  1. The course was different than I expected- no newspaper! I will fill you in later as it had lots of great companion planting ideas.

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