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I consider myself extremely lucky that I get to write for a living, and not only that, be able to take my friends and family on crazy fun adventures when the time comes. This time around it’s going to be a crazy adventure with one of my long time best friends, Kandice. She and I have been friends since we were 16. I actually disliked her immensely for two years beforehand, until we both realized that actually who we disliked was a mutual friend. We ditched said mutual friend and were solid sister friends ever since.

What can I say, we were 16? Merciless, heartless and wrinkle-free.

We are not 16 here, so there’s really no excuse for us other than our awesomeness.

two women wearing Minnie mouse hairdress

Kandice and I have had numerous family vacations together, including the obvious one to Disneyland where our goofy photo was taken. We take the kids with us, do the required parenting and have a blast doing it.
However, we haven’t had a solid girls vacation without our darling children since we were 19. I won’t even tell you how long it’s been since I was 19, but I can tell you that the road trip was to Vancouver. And oh, what a good time that road trip was! We even met an actor off of our favorite TV show at the time, the X-Files, at the bar in Kitsilano of course.

Here’s where we get back to how lucky I am. Since I am an avid traveler and write a lot about it on this website, I was chosen to take a road trip sponsored by Esurance this summer – WITH my best friend! Not only that, but because I’m a local Alberta girl that travels all over, I get to introduce you all to Esurance, which is an online auto insurance company that launched in Alberta in 2015 – and Alberta is the only province in Canada where Esurance is available!

This little ol’ Alberta travel writer + Esurance = Besties Summer Road trip!

esurance an Allstate company Logo.

Let’s talk a little about this company that is sending me on a fabulous road trip with my bestie. Esurance is all about providing insurance for the modern world, taking care of people the way a modern company should. Esurance works hard to continually innovate, leveraging the latest technology, offering competitive prices and a simple, efficient experience, while providing customers with personal care from knowledgeable experts. Albertans can now save time and manage their insurance easily and efficiently – online! That works for me!

We also all think about savings when it comes to insurance and Esurance was born online and by nature was built to save their client money. It has smart online tools, fast, efficient claims and services (which we all know can be very hard to find!) and when Esurance saves money, it passes the savings on to its customers. Their rates are competitive and they also offer personalized discounts for their customers. Going back to the information about claims, they also offer a hassle-free claims experience so that you can feel confident that it will be solved quickly. Their licensed insurance experts are available 24/7 for you! They can help you understand your coverage options and help you find the right coverage for you.Now, I am going to be writing a series of posts about road trips, how I prepare for them, how I plan them and you guys know how serious I am about my road trips. This is the perfect time for me to talk about how I plan my road trips. I have been (literally) from one end of the US to another, but I’ve never written about it!

I can hear you now…. MAGPIE!! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! (stop yelling, I hear you!)

You are most likely wondering how I actually planned where I was going on this trip. Other than the typical throwing a dart at a map attached to the wall, I have wanted to go back to Victoria, British Columbia for a while now. I only had a couple of days to spend there in the fall of 2014 – and that was my very first time there- so when it came time to pick a Canadian road trip adventure, I knew that it was going to be there. I fell in love with the island instantly and can’t wait to head back.

Victoria's beautiful inner harbour, Vancouver Island

How do I plan the route?

Well, Kandice lives in Calgary and I live in Edmonton, so I knew that my very first stop was going to be my parent’s house on July 1st. I’m going to sleep over there, then pick up Kandice first thing in the morning Saturday. This was important, because we are missing the July Long Weekend travel rush on the mountain highways. We have a week together and it wasn’t imperative to leave right away. I don’t like driving on the long weekends through the mountains, so I am glad that we can leave the Saturday. In my many road trips, I’ve learned that you really have to plan ahead when it comes to long weekend traffic!

We are going to travel as far as we can without exhausting ourselves on Saturday (most likely reaching Vancouver)  then be up bright and early for the ferry to Victoria first thing in the morning!

Cowichan Bay with the fishing village and bakery

Once we are there, we are going to spend four days playing it by ear and doing what we like. I loved visiting Cowichan Bay, so I am sure that I am going to take a day trip out there to eat at their fabulous bakery and listen to the sea birds. We are going to do some wine tours (where someone else drives!) and take it easy. Then it’s time to drive home, slowly again without rushing, and that’s that!

So while Esurance wants to send me on a road trip with my bestie, they also have a fabulous giveaway for YOU!

You can enter to win a Smart Driver Care Package filled with innovative items to keep you safe and connected on the road no matter where you’re heading, including a 4G booster that extends your cellular range and battery life.

I know that I get to go on a road trip and I am SO spoiled – but that 4G booster!! I am drooling, you guys! For those of us that drive in Alberta, that booster is a MUST! I personally would love it for the lake, as we have no coverage out there. There are still so many places in Alberta that we need a booster. I am so excited that someone gets to win the Smart Driver Care Package that is worth approximately $400!

You can enter the contest below, good luck everyone!


DISCLOSURE: This post is sponsored by Esurance. All opinions and language are my own.

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  1. littlemmm says

    the ONLY road trip ive been on as an adult was Florida. we had an amazing time and we didn’t even do it that well. health was  a problem for a few years since then but so excited thats not true anymore and we’ll try again next spring going somewhere far away by car :) 

  2. ginette4 says

    The best road trip that I’ve ever been on has been driving from one end of Manitoulin Island to the other end..the island is gorgeous in the summer and in the fall

  3. MillerKrazy says

    Every year our family would take a road trip to Kelowna, BC through the mountains & it is my most cherished memory as a kid!  The drive was always admittedly a little scary with the winding roads & heights but we loved it.  We’d go camping & boating on the Okanagan Lake when we’d arrive!

  4. DarleneDemell says

    I havent been on too many road trips but I guess the best one up to now would be when I went to New York with my friend. We stayed at her house and then went to Toronto next.

  5. ErikaLetson says

    The best road trip I’ve been on is the one we took to Niagara Falls, Ontario.  It was so much fun for everyone in the family!

  6. hmrcarlson says

    I traveled all over B.C. alone, by car, one summer, covering all the major regions. Unbelievable trip!

  7. Wanda Tracey says

    My best road trip was when my husband and I went to Lake Placid in New York State.It was
    just beautiful there.We spent the weekend there and also did a 2 hour ride on a T bar across
    the Appalachian mountains.I loved it there and the stores were amazing for unique shopping 
    because each one represented a different country and culture.

  8. nicolthepickle says

    I went to Prince Edward Island with my sisters a very long time ago. 

  9. Rebby says

    The best road trip I’ve ever been on was from Calgary to Tofino!  So beautiful!

  10. DarleneWissenz says

    The best road trip I ever took was as a passenger on the back of motorcycle out to Burnaby BC from Stoney Creek, Ontario. 

  11. TinaRies says

    Best road trip was with my family when we went from our home in Denver, through Utah, Nevada, California to meet my dad in Oregon where we stayed and went up the coast of Oregon, then drove back down the coast to San Franciso in California and back to Denver…great time and great memories with our family.

  12. sapphirerose58 says

    my favourite road trip was travlling to northern BC when I was young..lots of stops, camping and fun!

  13. Bina C Edwards says

    IS THIS the post from the rafflecopter w’re to share?

  14. FlorenceCochrane says

    I have don’t several road trips that I have enjoyed. One was in BC and going the wine tastings. Fun trip. My daughter did the driving. My husband and I did the tasting.

    Florence C

  15. neutkidz says

    best road trip my bff and I picked a town on a map and rove there –fun times great music and fun times as we got lost and found our way home

  16. sambows says

    Coming from a family of 7 kids when the older 3 were working and I was just 9 we went on a road trip with 4 of us kids and our parents. We drove from Toronto to Regina. There were many firsts for me. Staying in a motel,seeing black bears,and somany more. It was a wonderful trip.

  17. Tempest52 says

    The best road trip I’ve been on was a month long trip across Canada with my young family thirty years ago.

  18. glogirl3 says

    The best road trip I’ve been on is a shopping road trip with my mom and sister.  We only traveled a few hours from home and stayed with relatives along the way but the memories we created are priceless!

  19. LuckyAtWinning says

    my best road trip was to BC, so much fun, loved going through the mountains. 

  20. MaryAnneLaRocqueOuamar says

    Spontaneous trip from regina to Montana. Alot of Bev vies and laughs with 2 gal friends!

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