Picture the emotion of attachment like the bulls-eye in the middle of a target; with you being dead center.

The first ring is your loved ones, second your extended relatives, third your friends, fourth ring perhaps your surrounding neighborhood, then your province, country, moving on till you extend over the world.

My dad and I often have this conversation, how your actual physical location affects how much you are emotionally involved and invested in events. The further you are from an event, the more detached you are.


We hear of a tsunami sweeping the world and are saddened beyond measure, but most of us didn't contribute to the relief efforts in any way beyond perhaps making a donation to a charity.

We hear of a fire that decimated 4 houses in the south end of Edmonton and we perhaps even jump into action and attend a household belonging drive and dredge through our closets to find goods to help those families, because this is our city and it affects us directly.

But I learn the identity of two of the people, complete strangers, who died in the horrific house explosion mere blocks away from my house and I put my head down on my table and wept tonight. Two best friends living together, one a dad who's much adored daughter will never see him again and won't have him next Father's Day.

Maybe it hit me exceptionally hard because the paper said he called his daughter his “little princess”, and that's our nickname for our daughter.

Or that I can't believe at least 4 lives were snuffed out so close to home and no one knows why yet.

So it's funny in that not ha-ha way how that bulls-eye theory really works. It does. When you pierce those maybe 3 or 4 rings, things get too close to the epicenter, which is you.

It's something to think about for sure, about ourselves and our view of the world and our place within it.

I am so, so sorry for the downer post, people.

I actually had a really exceptionally lovely day today, meeting with new friends for a playdate, being productive tonight cleaning and getting groceries, I have a real live babysitter who came over, believe it or not, which is beyond exciting for me,(those babysitters are hard to find!) and life is very good.

But you know me, writing is a catharsis for me. And now that I have purged my soul, I can probably sleep 🙂

I promise a sunshiney, happy post next, cross my fingers.


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