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    Does This Make Me A Master Now?

    Finally, after many birthday cakes, I treated myself to the ultimate tip set. With, of course, my 50% off coupon which brought the cost down to a mere $35. Which still is a little bit of sticker shock, but that makes them less than a dollar apiece, so really, that is a pretty good deal when you use them like I do.

    I don’t think my cake decorating abilities are going to improve vastly, but I sure feel all important looking at them!

    “ooh lookeee me, I have a Master Tip Set!”

    And it is fun to fiddle around with them.  I am so anti-fondant (sorry, hate the taste and dammit, if I am going to eat cake, then it has to taste good people, not yucky tasting fondant) that I will use these, for many years.

    But never say never….I keep looking at all the purty fondant merchandaise in the stores and perhaps I can find a tasty recipe. But the texture is just all wrong too….I like fluffy, sugary icing on my cakes.

    I’m such an icing snob.