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    Space Birthday Treat Bags AKA Astronaut Survival Kits

    The inspiration for these came from the plastic containers that I picked up from Superstore and the fact that my son wanted a rocket cake for his birthday. The containers were on sale for 75 cents each, and I thought, hey, what a much better way to do treat bags.

    These were an absolute blast to make, I had so much fun making them up!

    Along with of course, a dollar store book about space, I also printed out coloring sheets and activities that were space themed.

    To go along with those, I bought a 64 pack of Pip Squeaks, using my Micheal’s 50% off coupon. It ended up being less than 10 cents a marker.

    And here’s the thing I have learned from having a birthday, and thus shopping at lot at  Micheal’s in late October/early November; there is a slight spree of 50%  off coupons that happens.  And they are the kind on your receipt, so if you are smart, you can use them one at a time, then save 2 or 3 for the next week and use them again. This takes patience and a few trips to the store.  Now this might happen at other times, but I do know this.

    It stops at a certain point until Christmas. So you gotta get while the getting’s good.

    I also included little space fact cards, which were cute as well.

    So all in all the contents of the Astronaut Survival Kits were:

    Space fruit gummies

    juice box

    space book

    space stickers (another fantastic 50% buy at Michaels)

    activity sheets


    space fact cards

    You could use your imagination and pack different snacks, make star cookies (cheap but I ran out of time), the list is endless. I also did have a wonderful cartoon spaceman with the words “Astronaut Survival Kit” printed out to stick on the top, but a failure in communication (his, of course) with my other half resulted in 6 being printed out for a total of 12 kits. So they would have been even cuter with a label.

    These were cheap, unique, I got tons of compliments on them and I had so much fun making them!