Just a pretty picture of my strawberries outside..things are so busy that I don't have much time to post, between working this weekend, getting my lasagna garden built (more coming on that when I have time to post, but its VERY labor intensive for Mike. And me, I will admit) and just frantically trying to get everything ready to get the hell outta Dodge baby! Yes, I am excited, but I am also completely, crazily overwhelmed with everything at the moment. I must have been imbibing  something tasty and alcoholic when I thought “hey, lets start my website before we go on vacation!”.  But its going to be such a great way to blog when I am gone, it will do more justice to all my pics that I plan on taking.

I am skipping my course Monday night, for those who were wondering about the reverse order of my garden and the course I was going to take to learn the method. I think I realized that I was being moronic attempting to do it the morning of my leaving date, and that came after just laying the newspaper layer on the garden area in prep took me 1.5 hours yesterday! Not a snowballs chance in hell of getting it done, and I am not wasting all my beautiful little cucumber, zucchini and pumpkin vines! So I found the information online and am self-teaching it.

Hopefully tomorrow night I can write up everything we've done to the garden area, I have a few hours before work and Mike to help, maybe I can get it all in!


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