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San Simeon – Hearst Castle

On our way driving down the coast to get to Anaheim, we made a  detour so we were able to visit the Hearst Castle.  My dad and I are both lovers of old house tours, Mike would go just to humor me, but my dad really enjoys them as much as I do! We also visited the Dunsmiur House in Oakland, but those pictures will be posted when I get home, they are on the other camera. Mr K came with my dad and I, and he is just like his momma, completely interested in everything in the house and did the whole walk (stairs and all!) without complaining. Mike took The Princess down to the state beach where they watched whales and saw some sea lions and gathered shells, so it was a pretty good alternative for them!

We did the experience tour, which was started with a movie that you watched on the building of Hearst Castle, a must see! I am very interested in the fact that not only did Hearst hire a female architect Julia Morgan, (she was an oddity in those days, first female to graduate from the École des Beaux-Arts, and of course, had to fight tooth and nail to attend) but he  was also never successful in politics because he believed in women’s suffrage. Which was something I learned after the movie on the tour, but made sense with his choice of architect.

We then loaded ourselves onto the tour bus, and proceeded up a crazy, windy, terrifying-to-someone-who-hates-heights drive for 5 miles up to the castle. It was really unnerving, and I didn’t look at the scenery much at all, but I heard that it was gorgeous *winks*.

When you arrive, you travel up sets of stairs to right beside the Neptune pool, which took 3 attempts at building it before Hearst was satisfied.


There are also old columns and a ancient “front” transported wholesale from Europe and reconstructed at the site to look like a Roman Temple.It is not all one piece, it was several put together to make a facade of a Roman Temple, but beautiful nonetheless.

Its the part in the background of this picture.

We then saw the guesthouse, followed by a walk around the gardens..

..where there is an absolutely amazing statue of the Three Muses. I want. I love. I need. As if.

WE then were taken to the main floor of the castle and the amazing dining room.

This was my favorite photo, I love the incongruity of it!

After the huge living room with art pieces galore, we finished at the beautiful indoor pool called the Roman Pool that I want to swim in one day.

There are other tours to go on to see the rest of the house, and I will definitely be going on my return to California one day. They do other areas like his private living quarters that I would love to see. This tour was an hour and forty-five minutes alone! You could do it all in one day, but we had to get to  LA.


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