Well, even tho my inner voice is kinda shrieking at me 2.5 days of driving with 2 kids under 5 and your father in the same car are you insane woman, we're off on the first leg of our trip this morning! We have packed up everything but the proverbial kitchen sink and off we go. I can't think of anything that I forgot, and as long as I have passports for us all, the Disney tickets, my kids blankies and my contacts, those are the necessities that cannot be bought and anything else forgotten is just not anything to freak out about.

Tomorrow will be the start of the major driving, I have no idea where we are going to end up for the night, but it will be in the States somewhere, and hopefully we get a heck of a lot of driving done on the first day. From Mapquest, the info on the trip from Calgary to San Francisco:

Total Estimated Time: 22 hours 59 minutes
Total Estimated Distance: 2435.83 kilometers

Mother of god, perhaps its better than I don't look at that.


Anyhow, I will be posting as long as there is wireless at the hotels, there may not be the first few nights, but there definitely is in San Francisco where we are staying, I will probably post so much that you will all be sick of it, but hey, that's what you ask for when you are reading what is basically my online journal.

And as I listen to my dad talk to the kids on the speakerphone as I write this morning, I pray mightily to any gods that may exist above that I don't have to listen to 24 hours of “why did the chicken cross the road” jokes.

If anyone would like to have the kids  mail them a postcard, we are mailing them to Mr K's schoolmates while we are gone, email me your address and we would love to send some to his friends as well. I know Mr K loves receiving mail that is especially for him only. I forgot to ask everyone for their addresses, so just email me.


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