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Reading Until Exhaustion Hits

My son’s reading has taken off like a rocket launched at warp speed since he’s started in his new Kindergarten.  Something just *clicked*, as they often say it does, and off he has gone. He devours books voraciously, and at the mere age of 5 is reading complete books now.  Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but unfortunately he has also discovered that you can read at bedtime, until there is no light left from the window, or, you can just plan ol’ fall asleep on your books when sheer exhaustion hits you like the proverbial ton of bricks.

I remember doing this as a child, so like mother, like son as I was an early reader as well, but I don’t remember being cranky in the mornings. (ok, I am sure that I wouldn’t remember anyways. Here’s me writing a mental note to “call my mom” in the morning) However, we feel like we are living with the world’s grouchiest 5 year old. He is easily upset over ANYTHING, and boy, I mean anything. His sister looks at him the wrong way and BAM, a waterfall of tears ensues.

We are trying “dim out” material in his room tonight, but he was so wound up about other matters that it didn’t matter anyways, he was snuggled to sleep by us sans books. So we shall see tomorrow what happens. I also am allotting reading time in bed, before bed, to hopefully ease the transition of bedtime as well as let him keep his ritual. Removing the books are not an option, simply because the sheer volume of them in his room, and the fact that I am not lugging them out every night, only to put them back in daily. Literature is a huge part of their play day in their personal space, so it stays.

Any other suggestions?


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