Fun Times

Rain Rain and More Rain

It can stop anytime now. Man, every few hours, there’s a brief thunderstorm and then the sun. The backyard is a mudpit, the kids are ancy with colds which, it appears, Miss I. managed to pass on to several people at a birthday party on Friday. God, I was just kidding! I told Beckie that I owed her a cold, so trust my girl to pass it on to everyone. Yup, you can thank me later everyone. Next time I am dropping off K by himself. Aren’t they old enough for unparented yet???? Sigh. Don’t invite Karlynn, her kids super-infect everyone else’s. Just call me the “party pariah” from now on, k?

Speaking of the two, here’s a pic of them, albeit blurry, but a pic nonetheless. So cute when they want to be.

And a pic of my back flowerbed, getting there. My red runner beans and my honeysuckle aren’t growing like I want them to, doesn’t seem to be taking off like I thought. Hmmph. We shall see.

Other than that, we have lots on the go right now, between work and home and a weekend of sick kids and fighting off the cold myself. Ooh that sounded fun even to my ears lol! Ah, they were fine, good moods just sniffley. Mike and I are the big babies when sick.
Anyhow, will blog later when I have something to actually talk about.


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