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Paper Globe Ornaments

I saw a picture of these on someone’s blog, but not a tutorial. I have searched, found that OF COURSE they are a Martha craft, but they aren’t in her archives, they are from December of last year darn it. So, I attempted them anyways, and I am hoping that once Amanda looks at these, there is a tutorial in her book, because they just didn’t work out exactly how I wanted.

You can tell how its put together from this pic. I used scrapbook paper and brats left over from all the wonderful stuff Cori gave me last year. (LAST year Cori ,sheesh!!)

But they don’t hang like I want them too, too oval.
Then we made another one, and Miss I decided to grab it and squish it, during which I shrieked, then SHE shrieked:

“Mommmy! Its a beeee-ooo-tiful bucket!!”


And so it is my girl….they make very nice, adorable baskets as well!

I think I need to try stock paper, more firm, colored on both sides and I might get the right sphere shape out of them….but here’s the concept anyways, great concept, just need to fine tune it! Hopefully someone has a tutorial somewhere!!


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    September 8, 2012 at 2:09 am

    good idea

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