NAIT Chef in Residence Luncheon With Chef Lynn Crawford- And You Can Join Us!

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CHEF LYNN CRAWFORD - lady chef wearing black chef uniform

Every year I am excited to see who NAIT is going to have as their Chef in Residence and most people involved in the culinary side of Edmonton are waiting right along with me. The Chef in Residence program at NAIT is an incredible time of year for the culinary students, they have the rare chance to learn hands-on from the best chef’s in North America, something that can only be yearned for by most people.

Every year I also cross my fingers hope that I am going to be able to attend the luncheon that they put on at the very start, because every year that I have been invited I have had a conflicting event or have been out of town, as March is a crazy month for us.

This year, however, I CAN GO! And my darlings, I can take two of you with me! I am so very excited to see a female chef – finally- being the selected Chef in Residence for NAIT, something that thrills me to no end!

Who wants a date with myself and Valerie from A Canadian Foodie at the amazing Lunch With Lynn event? Lynn will be preparing a three-course luncheon,  “Lunch with Lynn” at NAIT Ernest’s Restaurant on March 13 from 11:30-1:30 and NAIT has generously offered to bring along one of my readers and their date!

Not only that but if you are set on attending and don’t want to take your chances on winning,  a limited number of tickets to Lunch with Lynn can also be purchased starting March 3 at 9 a.m. Tickets must be purchased in person at Ernest’s and are $75 each. For more information please visit :

To find out more about the Chef in Residence program, I’ve included the press release below.

Edmonton, AB (Feb. 11, 2014) – Food Network celebrity chef and celebrated cookbook author Lynn Crawford has been named NAIT’s 2014 Hokanson Chef in Residence. The chef in residence program, now in its sixth year, provides students in the School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts with a rare opportunity to learn firsthand from the best chefs in North America. “The Hokanson Chef in Residence Program continues to give Culinary Arts students and faculty the opportunity to experience the talents and philosophies of our visiting chefs,” said Perry Michetti, associate dean of the School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts. “Having Lynn Crawford as our 2014 Hokanson Chef in Residence is simply brilliant! She brings an incredible amount of knowledge, experience and passion.” This year’s residency runs from March 10-14, 2014.

“I’m honoured to be part of the Hokanson Chef in Residence program and spend a week working directly with NAIT students and learning from the experience,” said Crawford. “I look forward to sharing my experiences and philosophies with these up-and-coming chefs.”

Crawford was the first female Canadian invited to participate in the Food Network’s Iron Chef America. This year the battle continued as she competes on Top Chef Masters Season Five. Crawford is one of the judges on the Food Network show Chopped Canada. She also starred in the Food Network show – Pitchin’ In, which follows Crawford as she visits farmers, growers and fishermen across North America in search of the freshest and best ingredients. Throughout her journey, she takes on any challenge, relying on locals to show her how it’s done. The show inspired Crawford’s first and best-selling cookbook, Pitchin’ In: More Than 100 Great Recipes From Simple Ingredients. Her second cookbook, At Home with Lynn Crawford, was released in September 2013. The Hokanson Chef in Residence program kicked off with Canadian celebrity chef Rob Feenie in 2009, followed by David Adjey in 2010, Susur Lee in 2011, Massimo Capra in 2012 and Chris Cosentino in 2013. The program was made possible as a result of a generous donation from John and Susan Hokanson.


Enter below and good luck everyone! This is open to anyone in the area who can attend!

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  1. Laura says

    I love watching her on pitchin in, seems so personable and would be a delight to now only meet her but have lunch with you as well! 🙂

  2. Karen says

    It would be so awesome to meet Chef Lynn, especially because she seems so friendly and down to earth on the Food Network. Plus, I know the food would be simply amazing! Please pick me! 🙂

  3. DanaMaxineYandt says

    If I win, every flavour would come home to play in my own kitchen!

  4. KennethWiese says

    I always loved cooking, years ago I used to watch Mona Brun and Julia Child on their cooking shows when I was home sick from school. My Grand Mother on my Mothers side was an excellent cook and baker and I learned a lot from her. I went on to take commercial cooking in High School and then back in 1987 I attended a two year Cooking program at NAIT which I graduated with honours. After a few years of working out in the industry I went on to take the one year Diploma Course at “Le Cordon Bleu, London Limited” in London, England. Since then I have worked in Shanghai and London as well as Canada. I first knew of Lynn from “Restaurant Makeover” and I was taken with her excellent and friendly way of teaching and speaking to people not too mention her wonderful simple yet elegant and fresh methods of food preparation. I see Lynn Crawford and a modern day Canadian Julia Child. The NAIT culinary program was wonderful when I attended 27 years ago, however it has improved by leaps and bounds and it makes me wish that I had been born 27 years later so I could attend the two year program now. If I am chosen to win one of these tickets I would make the effort to be among the first people waiting to try and by at least one more on the morning of March 3rd so that I could take my Mother along.

  5. Jane Miska says

    Thanks for the opportunity – so exciting! I would love to win and bring my sister

  6. Lindsay D says

    This would be such a fantastic lunch! Huge fan of Chef Lynn!

  7. Lindsay D says

    This would be such a fantastic lunch! Huge fan of Chef Lynn! I’d bring my hubby who loves food just as much as I do

  8. Shauna says

    My 12yo daughter is a huge fan of Lynn Crawford and would die to go to this lunch.  I just can’t spend $150 for lunch for us though!  Thanks for the opportunity to win tickets! 🙂

  9. Krista Michelle Gray says

    I KNOW you’re crazy enough!! (Takes one to know one!) #GitErDone … Ottawa…& I’ll introduce you to our best hidden places to nosh! 🙂

  10. The Kitchen Magpie says

    Tell you what, if I’m ever crazy enough to write a book and do a tour, I’ll come visit where you live 😉

  11. Krista Michelle Gray says

    Gah!!! I’m beyond envious of this contest, you have no idea, lol! Too far away + work means no entry from me…you would be a hoot…a HOOT, I tell ya, to sit with & I’ve been a fan of Chef Lynn for about 5 years now & love her view/take/spin on Canadian grown food. What a night one lucky peep will enjoy!!!!!

  12. Gail Jones says

    Would love to have lunch at NAIT with Chef Lynn, but also think it would be fun to meet you and dine with you and Valerie!  I would bring my daughter with me.

  13. ChristineBaluk says

    I would LOVE to win! I’m a huge foodie and this would be so great!

  14. ChristineBaluk says

    I would LOVE to win! I’m a huge foodie and this would be so great! I would definitely take my friend, another huge foodie!!

  15. Fran Wanner says

    I would love to have lunch with Lynn, she rocks the cooking world

  16. Maki says

    I used to tune in every Monday to Pitchin In and would laugh every episode.  I used to wish I was one of the folks in the episode who was able to cook with her and then get to enjoy the meal!

  17. Alison Arsenault says

    Love Lynn & her sense of humor along with her approach to food. Too bad this is not closer or I would definitely be entering & buying a ticket just in case I did not win.

  18. eatsleepquilt says

    How fabulous would this be.  My daugther is a food network junkie!

  19. Jamie T says

    I’d bring my coworker for a decadent lunch break if I won tickets!

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